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If you’ve logged into GTA Online over the holiday period, you’ll have seen that Los Santos is absolutely covered in snow. The good news is that the thaw has started, but when will it actually disappear?

Every year, Rockstar likes to celebrate the festive season by bringing heaps of snow to San Andreas County. Does this make sense, considering that it’s based on notoriously sunny California? Of course not, but in GTA Online, anything goes.

Here’s everything we know about the snow in GTA Online, including when it’s scheduled to leave.

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When does GTA Online’s snow leave?

GTA Online’s snow is expected to leave on January 3.

Back on December 21, 2023, Rockstar posted a blog detailing their holiday celebrations event, which includes rewards and prizes. All of these were confirmed to run until January 3, so with the festive fun coming to an end, the snow will disappear too.

When did snow come to GTA Online?

Snow arrived in GTA Online on December 21 as part of the aforementioned holiday event. San Andreas County got a good dusting of snow, covering roads, buildings, pavements, and more, giving a real Christmas feel to Los Santos.

On top of that, the event also introduced characters like the Yeti and The Gooch, who players could fight to earn special costumes.

A black and red car sliding around a corner covered in snow, about 6 feet away from a lightpost.
Trying to drive in this snow is not easy. Exhibit A, here I am about to crash into a streetlight. Screenshot via Upcomer

Why do people want the snow to go away?

Yes, the snow is nice to look at, but if you’ve tried to drive around Los Santos this holiday season, you know how annoying it actually is. Cars have no grip whatsoever, so the minute you try to take a sharp bend, your vehicle’s back end swings out and sends you crashing into walls, telephone poles, or other vehicles.

On top of that, Christmas is well and truly over, and the festive feeling is long gone. It’s time for Los Santos to get back to normal. I don’t want to have to deal with snow when I’m hijacking cars or planning heists.

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