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Omar Garcia behind bars after successful capture in GTA Online bounty mission.
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Where are the servers — Omar Garcia Bounty Mission Guide GTA Online

This bounty mission is pretty easy, and even though Jenette’s introduction makes it seem like you should take a fast car, vehicle choice doesn’t actually matter. However, one potentially annoying part is locating the servers. So where are the servers in the life invader offices?

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Where are the Servers?

Arrow showing the location of the servers in the Lifeinvader offices - GTA Online Bounty Mission
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The servers are located on the second floor, right at the end of the building through the last door on the left. You’ll have to hack a keypad with the fingerprint scanner before you can enter, and though this can seem tricky, there’s a really easy way to do it.

The sections of the fingerprint are in order. So make sure the top fingerprint is the first one (you’ll know, it’s the one that’s not cut off at the top). For the next one down, rotate to the same one as above (the first in the sequence), and just rotate it right once. The next one down, you’ll rotate twice to the right, and so on.

You’ll get it in no time.

How to hack the Servers

The hacking minigame showing the nodes the player has to connect in the Omar Garcia bounty mission from GTA Online.
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This is a hacking mini-game I haven’t seen yet, but it’s fairly simple. Just connect the nodes on the left with nodes on the right at random and press the prompted button (triangle on Playstation). You should get a couple right after two tries, giving you just enough tries left to connect the other two correctly.

How to get into the Test Track

The next tricky part is getting into the test track in the LS car meet. This one’s simple too – to the left of the guarded gate (when facing the gate) you’ll find a truck with an exposed engine. Walk over to it and hit the prompted button to sabotage it (right on the D-pad on console).

Arrow showing the location of the truck needed to get into the Test Track in the Omar Garcia bounty mission.
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The guard at the Test Track gates will run over to check on it, and then you can enter the Test Track without issue. This is the fastest way I’ve found.

Now you’ll want to hop into a Jester and ram the Sentinel off the track. A chase ensues.

How to catch Omar Garcia

The trickiest part of this chase are the goons that’ll keep shooting at you. Would’ve been nice to have the armored Kuruma right about now. Having a friend to shoot back would be good, but since we’re flying solo on these missions, just focus on Omar. I tried to shoot back and drive at the same time, and the results were… undesirable.

Cars crashing during the Omar Garcia bounty mission in GTA Online.
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Ram his car and try to get it damaged as quickly as possible. He’ll climb out, and you should do the same. Take cover and take out his guards, rush him with your stun gun or shoot the gun out of his hand, and the job’s pretty much done.

GTA Online player celebrating the successful capture of Omar Garcia in the bounty office.
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