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Background Update to GTA Online might make Dispatch work more fun

Pending an official release statement from Rockstar, Twitter user Tez2 (@TezFunz2 — all credit to you!) has posted a list of patches that Rockstar is set to release in a background update. This will fix some minor issues, as well as potentially make the Dispatch missions more fun.

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The changes hinted at in Tez2’s tweet above are as follows:

  • Enhanced variety of Dispatch Work which disables previously launched missions (presumably for a short, set time period), ensuring that you can explore all the mission types.
  • Fixes a Cayo Perico glitch where players don’t get loot from paintings if they collect the cash in the safe first.
  • Fixes a minor tattoo issue where they overlap when switching characters.
  • Fixed a funny glitch where, when players deliver a customer bike, it morphs into a Hermes (I would’ve personally kept this in there!)
  • The bail office markers positioning is off (so that’s why I sometimes struggle to enter!), which is also being fixed.
  • Players have found a way to unlock the upcoming stun rod early, and this is being patched out. It’s unclear whether they’ll let the players who already have the stun rod keep it.
  • The player-created Ludendorff Cemetery survival missions allow players to get drip-feed content early, and this is being patched out.
  • Clothing glitches that merge masks and helmets or hats are being patched out.
  • They’re patching out the Avenger God Mode glitch.

And that’s it. Some nice fixes in there, I’m happy about the Dispatch mission variety fix and the Cayo Perico glitch. But some of the funnier ones, such as the tattoo issue, the morphing motorbike, and the mask glitch are all pretty much non-issues.

Personally, I feel like there are bigger glitches to go after, but one step at a time. At this point, it’s all just practice for GTA 6, I hope.

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