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Text on screen confirming that the Chaz Lieberman bounty is completed successfully.
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Where are the cell towers? — GTA Chaz Lieberman Bounty Mission Guide

If you’re doing this mission today, stock up on armor and snacks. You have been warned. Today’s bounty mission involves locating and hacking cell towers, and taking on the Armenian mob in an attempt to secure Chaz Lieberman.

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It took me about 20 minutes to get this one done, so it’s longer than usual. It’s tough and tons of fun, too, so let’s get into this. Spoilers ahead.

The best vehicle in which to catch Chaz Lieberman

Player fighting enemies in GTA Online from an armored Kuruma in Chaz bounty mission.
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We can’t use the Oppressor today, so we’ll have to go by land. Your service vehicles are disabled too, so we can’t even take the Sparrow. But before you decide to just take the fastest thing in your garage, you will be shot at — a lot. So taking something armored is a safer bet.

I recommend taking out your armored Kuruma, Nightshark, or even Insurgent. You could take an Armani Tech vehicle, but chances are your windows will get popped out before this is all over. Your call, but I took the Kuruma and it served me well.

Where are the Cell Towers?

Arrow showing how to locate the cell towers in the Chaz Lieberman bounty mission.
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Your first task is go to La Mesa, where you have to locate and hack cell towers. They spawn in random locations but are pretty easy to find, just keep checking rooftops in the highlighted yellow area. Once you’ve found the buildings, you can usually find a ladder round back or a staircase leading up. There’s usually a guard standing by the way up, so look out for enemies to show you the way.

The one exception I did see was the building here:

Arrow showing location of unguarded entrance to a cell tower.
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At this building, there was no guard at the bottom ladder, but there is one on top at the cell tower. If you’re being chased at this point, be careful, enemies will shoot you from below as you climb (you’re very exposed).

How to take out the guards with Stealth

A warehouse filled with enemies from the Chaz Lieberman bounty mission in GTA Online.
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Once you get the location, you’ll need to make your way to a warehouse where Chaz is being kept. When you enter this building, you could just start shooting, but a better way is to take out a silenced weapon (like the military rifle, which is my favorite), and take out the guards one by one.

It’s pretty easy to do, just make sure you don’t kill a guard when they’re in sight of another guard (user your mini map). The only difficulty is taking out the two guards in the screenshot below. Drop them quickly, one after the other, and you’ll be fine. If you’ve ever done the Cayo Perico heist solo, you’ll have the muscle memory.

Two closeby enemies in the Chaz Lieberman bounty mission that are difficult to take out.
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You do need to get to Chaz pretty quickly, so move fast. If his health reaches zero, you won’t get the full bounty. Better to die and restart at this point.

You’ll then see your bail bonds van get blown up, and you’ll have to fight your way through a lot of enemies to secure Chaz. So, like I said at the start of this article, bring extra armor and snacks, you’ll need them.

Player having an in-game drink after successfully completing the Chaz Lieberman bounty mission.
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And that’s all there is to it. Have one on me. If you’re still unsure about how anything works in the bail office, check out how the bail office works in GTA Online.

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