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All GTA V cheats on Playstation

Cheats have always been a fun part of the Grand Theft Auto experience. Since the very first GTA, we’ve been pulling all sorts of shenanigans with cheat codes that blow things up, make us untouchable, or send us flying.

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GTA V is no different. So here are all the cheats for GTA V on Playstation (PS4 and PS5). I’ll cover how to use them first though.

How to use cheats in GTA V on the Playstation

There are two types of cheats, phone cheats and button input cheats. To use phone cheats, bring up your phone, go into your contacts, and hit square. Now you can dial the number and activate the cheat.

Using button inputs, simply hit the buttons in sequence and the cheat will activate. Sometimes you’ll shoot stuff or hijack cars in the course of these button inputs, so do take care where you are in-game when you do them!

All GTA V cheats on Playstation


➡; ⬅; ⬇; ⬆ = D-pad inputs

🔲; 🛆; 🔘; ✖ = Button inputs

R1; L1; R2; R2 = Trigger buttons, but you knew that!

Cheat Code / Phone NumberEffect
1-999-887-853Max health and armor
1-999-866-587Weapons and ammo
1-999-3844-8483Raise wanted level
1-999-5299-3787Lower wanted level
1-999-759-3483Parachute cheat
1-999-332-3393Gain slow-motion aim
1-999-7246-545-537Invincibility for 5 minutes
➡, ✖, ➡, ⬅, ➡, R1, ➡, ⬅, ✖, 🛆Invincibility for 5 minutes
🔘, L1, 🛆, R2, ✖, 🔲, 🔘, ➡, 🔲, L1, L1, L1Max health and armor
🛆, R2, ⬅, L1, ✖, ➡, 🛆, ⬇, 🔲, L1, L1, L1Give weapons
R1, R1, 🔘, R2, ⬅, ➡, ⬅, ➡, ⬅, ➡Raise wanted level
R1, R1, 🔘, R2, ➡, ⬅, ➡, ⬅, ➡, ⬅Lower wanted level
🛆, ⬅, ➡, ➡, L2, L1, 🔲Fast run
⬅, ⬅, L1, ➡, ➡, R2, ⬅, L2, ➡Fast swim
✖, ✖, 🔲, R1, L1, ✖, ➡, ⬅, ✖Recharge ability
⬅, ➡, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, ⬅, ⬅, ➡, L1Give parachute
➡, 🔲, ✖, ⬅, R1, R2, ⬅, ➡, ➡, L1, L1, L1Explosive bullets
L1, R1, 🔲, R1, ⬅, R2, R1, ⬅, 🔲, ➡, L1, L1Flaming bullets
🔲, L2, R1, 🛆, ⬅, 🔲, L2, ➡, ✖Slow motion aim
1-999-727-4348Spawn a Rapid GT
1-999-762-538Spawn a PCJ 600
1-999-2899-633Spawn a Buzzard
1-999-398-4628Dodo a seaplane
1-999-282-2537Spawn a Kraken submarine
🔘, 🔘, L1, 🔘, 🔘, 🔘, L1, L2, R1, 🛆, 🔘, 🛆Spawn a Buzzard
R1, 🔘, R2, ➡, L1, L2, ✖, ✖, 🔲, R1Spawn a Comet
🔘, ✖, L1, 🔘, 🔘, L1, 🔘, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1Spawn a Sanchez
R2, ➡, L2, ⬅, ⬅, R1, L1, 🔘, ➡Spawn a Limo
🔘, R1, 🔘, R1, ⬅, ⬅, R1, L1, 🔘, ➡Spawn a Trashmaster
🔘, ➡, L1, L2, ⬅, R1, L1, L1, ⬅, ⬅, ✖, 🛆Spawn a Mallard Plane
🔘, L1, ⬅, R1, L2, ✖, R1, L1, 🔘, ✖Spawn a Caddy
R2, L1, 🔘, ➡, L1, R1, ➡, ⬅, 🔘, R2Spawn a Rapid GT
➡, ⬅, R1, R1, R1, ⬅, 🛆, 🛆, ✖, 🔘, L1, L1Spawn a Duster
R1, ➡, ⬅, ➡, R2, ⬅, ➡, 🔲, ➡, L2, L1, L1Spawn a PCJ-600
⬅, ⬅, ➡, ➡, ⬅, ➡, 🔲, 🔘, 🛆, R1, R2Spawn a BMX
1-999-367-3767Random explosion
⬅, ⬅, 🛆, 🛆, ➡, ➡, ⬅, ➡, 🔲, R1, R2Super Jump
⬅, ⬅, L1, R1, L1, ➡, ⬅, L1, ⬅Low gravity
➡, ⬅, ✖, 🛆, R1, 🔘, 🔘, 🔘, L2Explosive melee attacks
🛆, ➡, ➡, ⬅, ➡, 🔲, 🔘, ⬅Drunk mode
🛆, R1, R1, ⬅, R1, L1, R2, L1Slidey cars
🛆, ⬅, ➡, ➡, 🔲, R2, R1Slow motion
L1, L2, R1, R2, ⬅, ➡, ⬅, ➡, L1, L2, R1, R2, ⬅, ➡, ⬅, ➡Fall from the sky
R2, ✖, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, 🔲Change the weather

How to have fun with GTA V Cheats

If you need some ideas on how to have fun with these, I have a few…

Fly with the Birds

Get a really fast car, then go to the airport where those crazy ramps are. Activate low gravity, and do a mega jump! It’s pretty funny.

A car flying through the sky in GTA V with cheats.
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Prank your Friends

If you ever get friends over to play GTA on your console, activate the sliding cars cheat when they’re not looking, and watch the fun. Remember to keep a straight face, and tell them you don’t know what’s happening. This is a great test of your acting skills!

A car sliding out of control because of cheats in GTA V.
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You can also use this with the slow motion cheat for pranks. If you have serious acting skills, you can talk and move in slow motion too. Really trip your friend out!

Another good one is waiting for your friend to go to the bathroom while they’re playing, and then activate the Skyfall cheat and hit pause, when wait for them to come back and watch the fun!

Become a Superhero (kind of)

Activate low gravity and super jump at the same time, and enjoy. You don’t take any fall damage from super jumping, so feel free to jump from the top of the maze bank tower if you want! Just don’t fall off…

Another fun thing to try with low gravity is flying up as high as you can in a chopper, and then jumping out. That fall… it takes a while.

And that’s all I have for you. Hope you enjoy these cheats, and have fun pranking your friends with them when you can.

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