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Where is the executive office GTA Online – Cleo Song Bounty Mission

Boy, it probably took me 20 minutes to find the executive office, while fighting off the endless supply of guards that GTA Online missions always seem to have. To help hasten your search, here’s the location of the executive office when you’re hunting Cleo’s bounty.

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Where to find the executive office in GTA Online’s bounty Mission

Arrows highlighting the exact location of the executive office in GTA Online bounty missions
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You’ll find the executive office near the eastern entrance to the movie studio, in the same place where Michael enters the studio on missions for Saul in GTA V. The above screenshot shows the door you need to go to plus where on the mini map it is.

Hopefully you don’t have to run around for 20 minutes like I had to.

Cleo Song Bounty Guide

Capturing Cleo Song isn’t all that hard. The hardest part is probably finding the executive office, which we’ve already handled. So to do the mission flawlessly, here’s the short .

  • Find and fit a disguise as found on the mini map
  • Search the trailers for the casting sheet while avoiding the red circled guards
  • Find and hack your way into the executive office and steal the keycard
  • Find and enter the studio where Cleo Song will be
  • The best way is to just eliminate all the guards here
  • Finally, intimidate the actors by shooting next to them or pointing firearms at them, and she’ll reveal herself to you.

But there is a way to remain undetected until the very end and make this mission a breeze.

How to complete the Cleo Song Bounty like a boss

Your first step is getting to the center of the movie studio. It’s right on the main road that runs through the place. Here it is on the map.

An arrow showing the location of the Extras costume in the Cleo Song bounty mission.
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You’ll notice two guards outside who will attack you no matter what disguise you’re wearing. Simply take them out with a silenced weapon. One of these trailers will have a disguise in — it’s an Extras costume, so now you’ll be able to go almost anywhere in the movie studio, and can search for the call sheet in peace.

How to find the call sheet in the Cleo Song Bounty Mission

There are X trailers in the movie studio. You’ll have to search all of these in order to find the correct call sheet. There are other movies being produced too, so you’ll have to find the Murder Masquerade Party call sheet.

Here are all the trailer locations:

All the trailer locations on the map from the Cleo Song bounty mission in GTA Online.
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If you got the Extras costume, you can just search in peace. Make sure the guy in front of the Executive Office doesn’t see you, though. Once you find the call sheet, you’ll have to enter the Executive Office. It’s easy, just sneak up on the guy guarding it and take him out with a silenced weapon.

GTA Online player showing how to take out the Executive Office Guard.
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After this, you’ll go to the studio, and now it’s time to cut loose. No point in trying to be stealthy in here, just eliminate all the guards. Once that’s done, pick up the movie memorabilia at the back of the studio in one of the trailers.

An arrow shows the location of the movie memorabilia in the Cleo Song bounty mission in GTA Online.
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Now simply point your weapon at the marked actors until they reveal themselves, and grab Cleo and go. My Bail Office is in Del Perro, so it’s a super short drive for me. But wherever your Bail Office is, job’s done – congratulations.

The player celebrates the successful capture of Cleo Song in the Bail Office.
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