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The victory screen after securing Leroy O'Neil's bounty in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Where is Leroy O’Neil? GTA Online Bounty Mission Guide

Phew, we have another tough one today if you’re playing solo, so bring armor and snacks. Your choice of vehicle doesn’t matter, so just grab something that’ll get you to Sandy Shores fast. Again, we can’t use our Service vehicles. So let’s get into where to find that slippery O’Neil.

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Spoilers ahead.

Where is Leroy O’Neil?

Your first task is to drive to the abandoned motel and search for Leroy O’Neil. I’m not quite sure if I was just lucky or if it’s programmed that way, but I got a cut scene in the first room I walked into. It’s the eastern-most room on the first floor of the northern building. This one.

GTA Player showing the initial location of Leroy O'Neil for GTA Online Bounty Mission
Screenshot by Upcomer

After the cut scene, you’ll find yourself in a basement, almost naked and dizzy. I shudder to think what those O’Neil brothers might’ve done while you were unconscious!

How to escape the Basement and Farmhouse

Escaping the basement is pretty easy. Just grab the pool cue from one of the shelves, and walk up the stairs to the fuse box. Break it, and you’ll be able to enter the farm house. Be careful though, there are a bunch of O’Neils in here with melee weapons. Unless you’re good at close combat inside a building, just run for one of the guns to help you in your fight.

You can find a gun in any of the below locations on the first floor:

Map of weapon locations in the farmhouse for the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Don’t worry about grabbing all the guns, once you take care of the O’Neils, you’re safe (for now). If you exit at the correct door, you’ll be able to collect your weapons before the real fight starts. Be sure to also grab the additional target that you’ll find here:

Map to the additional target in the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Upcomer

It’s only GTA$5k extra, so if you’re not bothered, feel free to ignore it.

Where is the farmhouse Key

You can shoot the lock off the door you want to exit at, but you can also find the key. The key can be found upstairs in this room:

The room that contains the farmhouse key in the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Which is located here on your mini map:

A map showing the location of the farmhouse key in the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Upcomer

You can also find your clothing on the second floor, here:

A map showing the location of the player's clothes in the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Once you have the key, be sure to exit at this door, which is located on the bottom floor on the north western side of the farm house.

Showing the location of the best door at which to exit the farmhouse in the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

You’ll then be able to grab your weapons, which are right across the little dirt road from you, in some wooden crates.

An arrow showing the location of the player's weapons in the Leroy O'Neil bounty mission in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Head over there and grab them, and then it’s time to find Leroy O’Neil (again).

Where to find Leroy O’Neil (Again)

Leroy’s location may be random, so you might have to look around a bit. For me, he could be found on the other side of the house from which you exited. Roughly north east from the house. He has plenty of goons with him, so you’ll have to take them out before you rush him with your stun gun (or carefully shoot the gun out of his hand).

Here’s where I found him:

GTA Online player fighting Leroy O'Neil and showing his location.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Now just make your way back to the bail office and you’re all done. Nice bounty, and it can be done in 15 minutes pretty easily. Sigh. If only we could repeat these mission one after another! Cheers!

GTA Online player celebrating the successful capture of Leroy O'Neil in the bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

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