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A solo player starts a delivery mission in GTA Online with increased time.
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Rockstar extends delivery mission times for solo Players

As a solo player, full deliveries can be difficult. Getting all four those bikes across the map and delivered within 30 minutes can get quite… exciting. We’re GTA veterans, right, so we’ve found ways. Even so, it’d be nice if we had just a little extra time to complete them, don’t you think?

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If so, you’ll be happy to hear that Rockstar has extended these delivery times by about 50%, meaning you now have 45 minutes to get the bikes, choppers, or vans all the way across the map. Give that these missions usually only take around 25-35 minutes (30-40 from Paleto Bay), that’s a nice buffer for when the cops complicate your delivery missions.

Overall, I’m happy that Rockstar is keeping us solo players in mind. Even the Trash Master (garbage truck) missions are possible now! What would have been an incomplete delivery in the past is now a successful one with plenty of time to spare.

A player completes a trash master delivery mission in GTA Online.
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This is part of the new Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC, which has also brought us ten new cars (three of them cop cars), a new business, and a new set of dispatch missions that you can start from a police cruiser of any kind.

To learn more about this DLC and become the go-to expert fast, see how to buy a bail office in GTA Online, how to unlock all the police cruisers and complete dispatch missions, or how to operate a bail office in GTA Online.

You can also see all the new cars in the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC as of launch day, which had been a generous and very welcome addition to the latest DLC.

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