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The Del Perro bail office in GTA Online after learning how to buy one.
Screenshot by Upcomer

How to buy a bail office in GTA Online

The new DLC is out — Let's Go!

With the latest GTA Online DLC, Bottom Dollar Bounties, you can buy a bail office and try to become the next great bounty hounter. There are several offices to choose from, and plenty of customization options too. So here’s how to buy a bail office in GTA Online.

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How to buy a bail office in GTA Online

You’ll get a phone call from Maude first, after this, to buy your first bail office, you’ll access the internet on your phone. To do this, hit up on the D-pad and navigate to the blue internet browser icon. Once on the internet, simply click on the Maze Bank website (it should be in the center of your screen) and filter options by bail offices.

The GTA Online internet browser showing how to buy a bail office.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Here’s how to run a bail office in GTA Online once you’ve bought one, just in case.

Anyway, let’s take a look at all the locations in which you can buy a bail office. As always, my suggestion is to buy the one closest to all your other businesses. Unless you’re strapped for cash, then maybe just buy the cheapest one.

Bail office locations in GTA Online

There four bail bonds offices available in Los Santos, and one in Paleto bay. Here are all the locations in which you can buy a bail office in GTA Online, from least to most expensive.

Paleto Bay bail Office

Map showing the location of the Paleto bay bail office
Screenshot by Upcomer

The Paleto bay bail office is, obviously, all the way up North. So you’ve got a monumental drive every time your target is in Los Santos. Well, you could fly, but still.

This bail office starts from GTA$1.6 million, but I wouldn’t advise you to buy it. Rather do another Dre mission or something and get that extra cash for a prime property down in Los Santos.

Davis bail Office

Map showing the location of the Davis bail office in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Upcomer

The Davis bail office is the cheapest option inside the city of Los Santos. It starts from GTA$2 million, and it way better positioned than the Paleto bay one. Get this one if you’re strapped for cash, but want something in Los Santos.

Del Perro bail Office

Map showing the location of the Del Perro bail office in GTA Online
Screenshot by Upcomer

I got the Del Perro bail office, since it’s right by my office, nightclub, and agency. It’s a really got spot. I own the Western side of Los Santos, so hands off!

Anyway, as the middle option, you’re looking at a starting price of GTA$2.35 million, which isn’t too bad. Be warned though, once I got all the upgrades, it cost $4.59 million, so the upgrades are quite pricey on the bail offices.

Mission Row bail Office

Map showing the location of the Mission Row bail office in GTA Online
Screenshot by Upcomer

The Mission Row bail office is on the eastern side of Los Santos, and starts from GTA$2.39 million. Not much else to say there. It’s pretty central, so if you other businesses in the area go right ahead!

Downtown Vinewood bail Office

Map showing the location of the Downtown Vinewood bail office in GTA Online
Screenshot by Upcomer

If you’re a classy man with offices all over Downtown Vinewood, there’s a bail office to match your status. The Downtown Vinewood bail office starts from GTA$2.62 million, making it the most expensive option, costing GTA$4.86 million fully upgraded.

How to set up your bail Office

All of the bail office customization options when buying one in GTA Online
Screenshot by Upcomer

Now that you know where and how to buy a bail office in GTA Online, the next step is your set up. Here are all the customization options you can choose from plus how much each one costs. Altogether though, for a maxed out bail office, you’re looking at GTA$2.24 million, so add that to the cost of the bail office you’ve chosen, and that’s your total.

Bail office Style

The three style options don’t add anything functional in the bail office. All this does is change the look of the place, so choose whatever you like best. Or just stick to the drab free option. Me? I liked the second option the most.

Bail office Agents

Bail office agents can be sent to do work for you. They cost GTA$750,000 each though, so they’re not cheap. When you have them, you can simply walk up to them and hit right on the D-pad to send them off to do work.

Whatever they earn is then stored in your safe back at the bail office. I’m not sure how much they make yet, but I’ll come back and update this article as soon as I know.

Bail office personal Quarters

The personal quarters just give you a place to lie down and change clothes. There’s not much else here, and if you don’t want to pay the extra GTA$295,000 they cost, you’ll be forgiven.

Bail office gun Locker

The gun locker, as with all other businesses, just gives you a place to change your loadout. It costs GTA$175,000, and if you have the cash, why not? I know I got it, just for the cool factor if anything.

Bail office armor plating (for your bail bonds van)

I hear you, why would you need armor plating for your bonds office? That was my first thought, but obviously that’s not the case. It’s for the bail bonds van, which you can use on your bounty hunting missions. It only costs GTA$125,000, and doesn’t add bullet proof glass.

It helps a bit, I guess? So why not.

Update: Definitely get the armor plating. It helps when you’re being chased by aimbot NPC’s — without the armor plating, you’ll be dying a lot while bounty hunting. You can go to the bounty in any vehicle, but you have to return the bounty to the bail office in the van.

Currently, the only customization options for the van are the armor plating and a respray. I know, disappointing, eh? It’s so slow and cumbersome to drive.

Doing bail bonds missions in GTA Online

Don’t do what I did, and leave your taser at home! When I last customized my loadout, I must’ve left the taser off my weapon wheel. You’re going to need it if you want to secure a good pay for your bounties. If you don’t have it, here’s how to get a stun gun in GTA Online.

If you kill your target, you get a lot less money for the job. My most wanted job was worth GTA$129k, and I ended up only getting about GTA$32k for it. Don’t make the same mistake I did, please.

Anyway, here’s more info on how the bail office works in GTA Online and all the missions you can expect. (It’s the same link as I gave you above, so if you already clicked on it, we’re good!)

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