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Easiest way to secure Brock Thompson – GTA Online Bounty Mission

Getting Brock Thompson can get pretty difficult pretty fast. If you’re up for the challenge though, go for it. This short guide, however, will show you the easiest way to get Brock into your holding cell back at the bail office. All you’ll need is ten minutes and your Oppressor MK II (or Sparrow).

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Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

How to secure Brock Thomson in GTA Online

Let’s do this step by step, shall we?

Destroy the signal Jammers

Location of targets for Brock Thompson bounty mission on GTA Online map.
Screenshot by Upcomer

When you start the mission, you’ll be tasked with destroying signal jammers. The Oppressor MK II can target these, so just fly up and blow them up. A question mark will appear on your mini map as well, once Jeanette lets you know that you can pick up “something big” there. It’s at the docks, and is visible on the above screenshot.

GTA Online player showing best location from which to destroy signal jammers in Brock bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Simply fly to the signal jammer at A, keep a healthy distance (so the enemies don’t shoot at you), and blow it up. You’ll find it at the end of this jetty, as seen in the above screenshot. Then fly to the question mark and take out all the guards with your rockets before you land. And do be careful of this guy, up on one of the cranes.

Arrow showing location of enemy in Brock's bounty mission on GTA Online
Screenshot by Upcomer

Go onto the boat and grab the EMP launcher, which can be found sitting on crates here:

Arrow shows exact location of the EMP launcher for the Brock bounty mission in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Now fly to the signal jammer at B and take it out. After a few seconds, Jeanette will point out an interception point. Fly there and set up a roadblock with the truck you’ll find there. Once the convoy arrives, you can start hitting the custom mule with your EMP launcher (it’s under heavy weapons in your weapon wheel).

GTA Online weapon wheel highlighting the location of the EMP launcher.
Screenshot by Upcomer

When the guards get out, switch to your lethal weapon of choice and take them out. There’s a guard in the Mule and a following pickup with two more guards. Also, while you’re attacking the Mule, watch your back, as extra guards will arrive and shoot you in the back. At least, that’s what happened to me.

Update: There’s an even easier way. Just fly straight to the Mule with your oppressor, and hit it with a few rockets. This is way faster and it actually works (which I assumed it wouldn’t).

How to open the doors of the Custom Mule

Once the Mule is stopped, you’ll need to open the doors to confront Brock. At this point I hit it with a few emp grenades, but when I walked up to it, it opened. So I’m assuming just walk up to the Mule and wait for Brock to climb out. If he doesn’t, keep attacking with the EMP grenades.

Update: I was right, just walk up to the doors once it’s stopped.

How to defeat Brock Thompson

Brock Thompson jumping out of the custom Mule in heavy armor.
Screenshot by Upcomer

He’s wearing heavy armor and has a pretty big gun as well, so our stun guns are pretty useless. To defeat him, just shoot him. It’s that simple. More guards will arrive during this fight, so keep watching your back and taking the guards out.

Brock’s easy to beat though, I found a nice angle using the Burrito as cover, where he can’t hit you, but you can hit him.

GTA Online player taking cover behind a van and attacking Brock Thompson safely.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Once Brock’s health reaches the line shown in the above screenshot, stop shooting him and focus on the guards. At this point, Brock will give up, and you’ll be able to take him into custody. Now just drive back to the bail office and you’ve got your bounty for the day. Good job! Have a whiskey on me.

GTA Online player having a drink in the bail office.
Screenshot by Upcomer

Defeating Brock Thompson the hard Way

GTA Online player in a Dominator GT attempting the Brock Thompson bounty mission.
Screenshot by Upcomer

I have a confession. I don’t like the Oppressor MK II. As a GTA Veteran that’s been playing since 1997 (yeah, I’m getting on in years!), I’m all about the fast cars, car chases and the roar of engines. So, I first decided I would attempt this mission in my Dominator GT.

That did not go so well. You just can’t move across the map fast enough to stop the convoy and get the EMP grenades. So buckle up, this approach is tough.

GTA Online player character destroying a signal jammer on foot.
Screenshot by Upcomer

You don’t need a guide for it, simply drive to Signal Jammer A, take it out with an RPG as shown above, and drive away. Try to get the EMP launcher now, but I warn you, you might not have enough time since you have to take on the enemies at the boat on foot.

At this point, Brock showed up on the map – so he was already past the second jammer. Try to intercept him at this point. To do damage to the Custom Mule, just hit it with an RPG or something.

If you don’t manage to stop them, you’ll be faced with a ship full of guards. They’re also super accurate from far away, so this gets tough. It’s doable though, but at this point I decided to die and see if it could be done properly with the Oppressor.

And that’s all there is to defeating Brock Thompson. The hard way is certainly more fun, in my opinion. But if you just want to get it done in ten minutes, get the Oppressor or Sparrow out and just do it.

One last thing, if you haven’t yet, check out all the new cars from the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC, there are some nice entries there.

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