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Bail Office in GTA Online – How it works & how to run it

Here's how to run your very own bail bonds office!

The Bail Office is no doubt a fun distraction, but the earnings potential isn’t all that great. Here’s how to run your bail office, and how much you stand to make. I’ll break it all down for you and cover everything I have tested so far.

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How much can you make with the bail Office?

I break down all the different ways of making money with the bail office in GTA Online in the guide below. But if you just want a quick answer, you can make around GTA$220-280k in your first hour (thanks to the Most Wanted target). Thereafter, your income drops to about GTA$120-130k.

So it’s not wild amounts of money, but it could add some welcome variety to your grind. I’ll probably do the Most Wanted target every day (easy GTA$100k plus in 15 minutes), and leave the normal bounties alone.

Anyway, to recoup your total investment of just under GTA$5 million, you’ll have to grind this business for around 30-35 hours (and that’s taking the solid first hour into account). I’ve been playing it for about 4-6 hours, and I’m bored already.

Full Guide to the Bail Office in GTA Online

Firstly, if you don’t have one, here’s how to buy a bail office in GTA Online. Once you own one, you can begin chasing and collecting bounties. Let’s cover arguably the most important aspect first; Most Wanted targets.

GTA Online Bail Office Most Wanted Targets

The daily most wanted target from the bail office in the bottom dollar bounties dlc for GTA Online.
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Most Wanted targets presumably pay anywhere from GTA$100-150k. My first one was worth GTA$129k, which isn’t bad for just 15 minutes of work. Unless, of course, you accidentally kill your target, like I did. I only got paid GTA$32k as a result, so bring a stun gun!

It also works if you damage them just enough so they give up, but honestly the stun gun is your safest option.

The missions typically involve doing something, then going off to find the person, and then hauling them back to the bail office with the Burrito van. You can use any vehicle to get there, but when you secure the target you’ll automatically use the van to get them to the bail office.

And that’s about it, you get paid, and put a criminal in cuffs. What twisted universe is this, that we now serve the side of justice? Don’t worry though, you still get to shoot plenty of people in the face.

The main issue with these is that they aren’t repeatable, which would make them a great money maker. You can only do one per real-life day. So they are worth doing if you log on to play daily, it’s a quick GTA$100k plus, but that’s about it.

Regular bounty targets in GTA Online bail Office

The hourly bounty targets in the bail office of the bottom dollar bounties dlc.
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The next type of work you can take on are the normal bounties. I’ve done a fair few of these now, and I can assure you, they get boring real fast. On average, you make about GTA$100k per hour on these. You can do three of them in less than thirty minutes, but they only refresh once every in-game day (every 48 minutes).

There are four types of missions. If you want to avoid spoilers, skip the mission sections below, but if you’re having trouble with any of these missions, feel free to give it a read. Here are all the missions I’ve come across so far. All of them take around 5-12 minutes to complete.

The Duggan Bounty Missions

The top question here will obviously be how to get into the office when you’re doing the Duggan bounties. It’s really easy – just get your fortune read at the fortune teller machine. Yeah, it’s the same setup as in our arcade. How original of the Duggans!

This mission requires you to go to a hideout somewhere on the map – I’ve seen a few in Los Santos and there’s one all the way in Paleto Bay. But you can just jump on your Oppressor MK II or in a chopper and fly up. Your van will warp to where you are once you get the bounty.

You’ll have to kill a few guards outside, then head inside — but watch out, there are plenty of Duggans inside. My advise is to get your Assault shotgun ready and start shooting the second you’re in.

Then you’ll have to find the office – behind the fortune telling machine – and kill one more guard. At this point there’s only the bounty left, so get your stun gun out and take him out.

That’s it. Now it’s a long drive back in the van while Duggans’ men shoot at you, and then you’re home free.

The Lost MC Missions

These missions will see you go to a Lost MC clubhouse and take out everyone inside. After that, you’ll destroy the power supply to open the door to the garage, and then take out a few more Lost MC members. Be careful here, your bounty target is hiding behind a desk at the far right of the garage as you walk in.

Don’t kill the target if you can help it.

The Baller Missions

Here you’ll go to a prison bus crash site and investigate some bloody clothing. You’ll then follow a blood trail (it’s easy) and then search an area. Be careful, there are quite a few Ballers when you do find him.

Take out the Ballers first, don’t kill your guy, then hit him with the stun gun and take him home. You could injure him just enough so that he gives up, but it’s risky. You have been warned.

The Bank Robbery Mission

Here you’ll have to go to Fleeca bank and take out the bank robbers. Maybe don’t blow police cars with your Oppressor like I did, then you can avoid the three-star wanted level. If you get the wanted level, the cops aren’t difficult to lose – but keep in mind, you are in a van. If all else fails, head to the tunnels under the city to escape the cops.

Once you’re inside the bank, take out the last of the robbers, secure your bounty with the stun gun, and you’re good to go.

The CCTV Mission

The last one I’ve encountered – here you’ll have to hack a CCTV box (which happens automatically once you accept the prompt), and then use the sightseer app on your phone. If you’ve ever played the Cayo Perico heist, it’s a similar mechanic to the scoping missions.

Look for the guy, and head over to where you see him (you’ll get a map marker to follow). Take out his guards (there were only two of them for me), and then chase him down. You don’t have to stun gun him, just catch him and he’ll surrender.

The Agents

The Bottom Dollar Bounties agents sitting at their desks in the bail office.
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The last way you can make money with the bail office is with your agents – if you paid the GTA$750k each for them in the first place, that is. They’ll make you around GTA$7k each per hour on average. It does vary, but this has been tested by sending agents out ten times and taking that average. It could be a little more or less.

And that’s it. Those are all the ways you can make money with the bail office. Just make sure to collect your cash in the safe before it reaches GTA$100k, since that’s all it will hold.

But… is it all even worth it in the first place?

Is buying the bail office in GTA Online worth it?

No. I honestly don’t think it is, if you’re going for the earnings factor. As businesses go, there are others that will net you more cash. The Bunker, the Nightclub, or even the Agency (if you farm the Dr. Dre contract). Heck, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid makes you more per hour.

But for the variation, perhaps it’s worth it. Though the fun is rather limited and wears out fast. Who knows, maybe there’s more to come from Rockstar on this? Personally, I’d love to see a monthly super target or something worth over GTA$1mil, that requires a proper heist with setups and story — but I’m nothing if not a dreamer. We’ll just have to wait and see.

For more from the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC, check out how the dispatch missions work, and how to unlock all the police cruisers.

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