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Two players prepare to breach a door in PUBG
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10 Games similar to PUBG that can scratch that Survival Battle Royale Itch

Get back into battle royale or survival with these games similar to PUBG.

There are plenty of games similar to PUBG these days, but that wasn’t always the case. When PUBG first launched, it was in a class of it’s own. This little indie game blew up and absolutely rocked the gaming world. Clones soon emerged, and PUBG slowly lost its favor with the community.

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Given the way it’s changed over the years, and the immense skill gap between new and seasoned players, you’re excused for looking for alternatives. Here are ten games that are similar to PUBG so you can get back into the chaos with your friends.


Games similar to PUBG

1. Fortnite

Players in the middle of a battle in a field in Fortnite, which is one of the games similar to PUBG
Image via Epic Games

You knew it was coming. Fortnite launched back in 2017 (4 months after PUBG) and has been a competitor to PUBG ever since. It offers various game modes, but since you’re looking for a game similar to PUBG, we’ll talk about the battle royale game mode.

The concept is simple. You drop in, collect weapons and loot, and try to survive while an incoming toxic storm reduces the play area. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s exactly the same concept as PUBG.

However, there are some differences. In Fortnite, you can build structures — ever been trapped in the middle of a field while taking fire in PUBG? How useful would it be to put up a quick wall eh? Fortnite is also more “cartoonish” and fast-paced. There’s less of a simulation aspect than what PUBG offers – but why not give it a try and see how you like it?

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox X/S and One, PC, Mobile, and Mac.

2. Apex Legends

A player enters a battle in a warehouse in Apex Legends, a game like PUBG.
Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends is another stalwart in the battle royale scene, that qualifies as similar to PUBG. It’s been around since 2019, and offered a new twist the the genre back then: heroes with special abilities. The game currently has 26 different heroes across 5 different classes to choose from.

It’s an action-packed game where seconds are valuable and the timely use of abilities can swing a battle in your favor. There are also various game modes to choose from, with duos, trios, and ranked match play being the staple battle royale entries.

There are also several game modes available on a rotation basis, that offer a nice break from the usual. It’s a fun game, and it’s worth a try.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox X/S and One, PC, and Mobile.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

A squad of players moves through the battlefield amidst explosions in Call of Duty: Warzone, one of the most similar games to PUBG.
Image via Activision

Warzone is the Call of Duty franchise’s entry into the battle royale arena. It’s arguably one of the most similar games to PUBG, though it retains the Call of Duty charm. It’s not quite as realistic as PUBG, but it’s also far from the arcade style of Fortnite. So if you’re looking for something in between, this may be your best bet.

There are also a variety of other game modes, adding depth to the game. Some of these include Resurgence, Plunder, and Lockdown, and they’re available on a rotational basis. It’s one of the biggest downloads on this list, being more than twice the size of PUBG, but it’s a fun time – especially with friends.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox X/S and One, PC, and Mobile.

4. Vigor

A player poses with a sniper rifle with a scope in Vigor, which has a weapon system similar to PUBG.
Image via Bohemia Interactive

Vigor is an extraction shooter in which you collect weapons and resources, and then try to get off the map before a radiation storm kills you and you lose all your loot. So it’s a little different, but feels like a similar game to PUBG in terms of the survival aspect.

It’s been around on console for quite some time, but is now available on PC as well. It’s in paid early access for the moment, and I’d advise you to wait for the free version as soon as that drops. It’s a fun game, and I certainly enjoyed hours of entertainment along with a few friends. Be warned though, the solo experience is tough.

You see, when you start a game of Vigor, you’re dropped into a map with randoms. These can include solo players and squads, so be careful. Solo players are advised to be extra cautious when there are geared-up squads around.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox X/S and One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

5. Farlight 84

A player battles against a mech with a laser rifle in Farlight 84, a game that's less similar to PUBG and more like Fortnite.
Image via Farlight Games

Farlight 84 brings us back to the battle royale genre. It’s kind of a mix between Fortnite and Apex Legends, offering unique hero abilities with the 14 available heroes, and also fast-paced gameplay with quick, action-packed matches.

There are also a number of other game modes to add variety. If you enjoy fast-paced action games, this one might be up your alley. It’s one of the less similar games to PUBG, and is more in line with something like Apex Legends or Xdefiant.

Platforms: PC and Mobile.

6. DayZ

A player works to resuscitate another player with CPR in DayZ, a game that offers a similar survival aspect to PUBG.
Image via Bohemia Interactive

DayZ needs no introduction as the oldest of the entries on this list. Since it started life as an ARMA 2 mod back in 2012, it attracted millions of players over the years. While the feeling of anticipation in DayZ is similar to PUBG, the stakes are a lot higher.

In DayZ, if you die, you lose all your gear and respawn with nothing back on the coast. Unless you have friends to recover your gear, or a base to stash gear, you start from scratch every time you die.

There are a number of mods available for the game, and community servers make use of these in abundance. There are even battle royale mods available if that’s what you’re looking for. However, mods are only available on PC, for the most part.

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

7. Blazing Sails

A player fires a cannon at an enemy ship while taking cannon fire in Blazing Sails, a game that is less similar to PUBG.
Image via Iceberg Interactive

Blazing Sails is a completely new spin on the battle royale genre. The idea in this game is to build up your own custom ship, team up with friends, and then go out and battle on the high seas. There’s a wide variety of weapons and customization on offer.

If naval combat with your friends sounds like a fun time, give Blazing Sails a go – it’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. It does have a battle royale game mode, but that’s pretty much as similar as it gets to PUBG.

Platforms: PC and Xbox.

8. Naraka Bladepoint

A player thrusts a spear at another player in melee combat, a feature not commonly found in games like PUBG
Image via NetEase Games Global

Here’s a battle royale game with a serious twist. Instead of assualt rifles, snipers and pistols, you get to fight with crossbows, long swords and katanas. If that’s already peaked your interest, you’ll be happy to know that this one’s free-to-play as well.

Face off with others in 60-player death matches where skill is as important as knowing your weapons. As with any battle royale game, different weapons have different strengths and weaknesses, so getting to know the weapons is vital if you’re going to come out on top.

It’s only among the games similar to PUBG based on the battle royale system. Other than that, it’s almost in a new genre altogether.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox.

9. Level Zero: Extraction

A player aims his rifle at an NPC monster in Level Zero: Extraction
Image via tinyBuild

Level Zero: Extraction is a fresh take on the extraction shooter, with horror aspects making an appearance (in case PUBG wasn’t scary enough for you already). The idea is nothing new — you’ve got to enter a map with other players, and get out with as much goodies as you can find.

The twist? You need to accomplish this while avoiding (or fighting) NPC monsters, and you’re being hunted down by two player-controlled super-aliens as well. Of course, you don’t have to do any of that if you choose to play as an alien. In that case, you’ll just hunt down and kill as many players as you can. You’re not invulnerable as an alien though, so caution is advised.

It’s a promising new twist on the genre, and it’s all set to launch later this year, but you can play the Steam demo on PC for free to see if it’s your kind of game.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox One.

10. Super Animal Royale

Multiple enemies engage each other with guns in Super Animal Crossing
Image via Pixile

Talk about finding hidden gems. This little game may seem cute on the surface, but it’s every bit as brutal as PUBG — with less campers and paranoia though. You’re dropped onto a map with a bunch of other cute animal players, and your task is to be the last one standing.

Mow these cute avatars down with assualt rifles, miniguns, and even the sparrow launcher (still not sure what it does though, apart from decent damage). The matches are super short, lasting only 7 minutes on average (from my recent experience).

Be warned though, it’s a simple concept but it’s a real “just-one-more” type of game, and you can easily find yourself playing this one for hours.

Platforms: Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC.

Which PUBG-like game will you sink into?

That’s the list, and there are some gems there. Super Animal Royale is probably the one that surprised me most. So go ahead, pick one and give it a go. You never know when you might find your new favorite PUBG alternative.

If you do end up sticking to PUBG, why not find out how to get g coins in PUBG?

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