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How to get G-Coins in PUBG

Time for a wardrobe upgrade, eh?

Need a wardrobe overhaul in PUBG? The fastest way to do this is, of course, with G-Coins. This shiny little e-currency is by no means easy to get – if it was, it would lose it’s value. That said, there are some ways you can earn G-Coins without spending your hard-earned money. Let’s explore.

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How to get G-Coins In PUBG on PC

The PC and mobile versions of the game are quite different. So we’ll cover the PC version first. Here are all the ways you can earn G-Coin on PUBG on PC.

Bonus G-Coins

When starting PUBG for the first time, you’ll get some bonus G-Coins added to your account through attendance and new-player events, so be sure to collect all you can! Ongoing attendance rewards also often contain additional G-coins.

I started a new account and managed to get 1000 G-Coin in a few days. Sadly, I missed out on some – so you could get even more if you check in every single day. Beware though, these G-Coins do come with an expiry date, so spend it before you lose it.

At any rate, I managed to get some new drip for my guy. Just wish I had enough to replace that ugly t-shirt. (Should’ve signed in every day!)

PUBG player character wearing a pharaoh jacket, pants, and boots that was bought with G-coins
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Special Events G-Coin in PUBG

Special events are a regular occurrence in PUBG, and this often brings new attendance and challenge events to the game. This is another way you could score some extra G-Coins, but estimating how much you stand to make is virtually impossible, since it’s up to the developers how much they choose to allocate during each event.

Be sure to check back often and spend those G-Coins, since these also usually come with an expiration date. And if they expire, you lose ’em.

Buying G-Coins

Four G-Coins options in the PUBG store, starting from $0.99 up to $24.99
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Almost too obvious to mention, but PUBG does have an in-game store where you can buy G-Coins. These start from as little as $0.99, so a small investment every month could help you save up for that sweet costume you’ve always wanted.

But what if you want to pay less and get more G-Coin? Well…

Third-Party G-Coins Websites

There are third-party websites that claim to sell G-Coins for use in PUBG. Do not trust these. You’ll see offers almost too good to say no to, like $0.99 for 5000 G-Coins, but be warned, these sites aren’t trustworthy.

You’re more likely to see a breach on your credit card and lose a lot of money. So stay away from these scam artists and stick to earning G-Coins the old-fashioned way — by playing regularly and grabbing all the attendance events.

Alternatively, set up a small budget that you can allocate towards PUBG every month. The developers will certainly appreciate your support, which could go a long way towards further development of the game. Just be sure to spend responsibly.

How to get G-Coins on PUBG Mobile (UC)

The mobile version of PUBG is quite different to the PC version. Instead of G-Coins, you use UC to make purchases from the store. There are other currencies as well, such as AG, but the most valuable of them all is UC.

There are only two ways to get UC.

  1. Buy them from the store – prices are similar to the PC version of the game, although you get less UC than G-Coins by comparison.
  2. Participate in special events and giveaways.

Similar to the PC version of PUBG, the mobile version hosts special events and giveaways where you can earn premium currency for free. The same applies for third-party websites with the mobile version of the game, however — stay away from these scam websites.

And that’s all you need to know to start earning G-Coins (and UC if you’re on mobile), so happy grinding, and perhaps I’ll see you on the battlefield someday! Be sure you know how to locate and approach enemies in PUBG before that day arrives.

If you’re ever in the mood for a break though, check out some similar games to PUBG.

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