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A GTA Online character in a Yeti custome on top of a red car wrapped like a present.
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GTA Online: Where to find 5 Yeti clues in Chiliad wildnerness and unlock Yeti outfit

Here's where you can find the Yeti in GTA Online, where its clues are, and how you can get a sweet Yeti costume of your own.

The festive season has arrived in Los Santos, and this year, mysterious yeti clews have been hidden around the Mount Chiliad wilderness. Finding all five will grant you a special Yeti outfit for your character, and we know just where to go looking for them.

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How to start the Yeti clue hunt

Starting the Yeti clue hunt is simple, as you just need to wait for a text message from Tanner.

Tanner will ask if you’re a hunter, then tell you about “something in the woods” that nearly killed him. Of course, this is the yeti, and your mission is to head to the Chiliad wilderness, find it, and take it down.

A black  and red car on a snowy road, with a stone wall and a big bridge in the background.
Crashing into this wall is why you should never look at your phone while driving. Screenshot via Upcomer

GTA Online Yeti clue map & locations

There are five clues you need to find first, but thankfully, they’re all close together.

They are all found inside the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness section of your map, up at the top-left of the island. Four of the clues can be found close to the road, with one down by the shore beside the river.

Finding them shouldn’t be too difficult as a noise that sounds like a distorted heartbeat plays every time you get close to one. Still, I’ve marked them all on the map below, and taken screenshots of each one so you know what you’re looking for.

You won’t have to go far to find all five clues. Screenshot and edit via Upcomer

Car Wreck

The first clue is a car that has crashed, or been flipped over, underneath a bridge. How it actually got there is unclear, but if I had to guess, our Yeti friend likely had a big hand in this.

A GTA Online character with green hair and a navy suit standing beside a crashed car, on its roof, beside a tree.
You can’t park there. Screenshot via Upcomer

Body parts

Next, you’re looking for a fallen tree. Jump out of your vehicle, walk over, and you will find a head, a hand, and some other body parts, which I can’t quite tell what they are, sitting in a nice little pile. The Yeti is clearly tearing people apart, but at least he’s tidy about it.

A GTA Online character, with green hair and a blue suit, standing in front of a fallen tree. Underneath it are some random body parts.
This is not ideal. Screenshot via Upcomer

Dead deer

Next up, we have a dead deer, which is the clue down beside the river. Walk down the cliffs, and along the riverside, and you’ll come across it pretty easily.

A GTA Online character, with green hair and a blue suit, standing over a dead deer. The deer is beside the river, against some rocks.
This animal met its maker. Screenshot via Upcomer

Bloodied tent

Perhaps belonging to the owner of the crashed car and the severed head, the fourth clue is a tent that is splattered with blood. It’s at the crossroads inside the Chiliad wilderness, so it’s easy enough to find.

A GTA Online character, with green hair and a blue suit, standing in front of a navy tent with blood on it.
Can’t imagine anyone had a good sleep in there. Screenshot via Upcomer

Ripped shirt

This was the most difficult clue to find. At the crossroads with the tent, take the road that heads north until you stumble across another car wreck. On the floor, beside the burned-out vehicle, is a torn shirt with blood on it.

Unfortunately, the shirt is white, so it’s a bit hard to find, but if you were sitting in the car driving it, the shirt can be found at the front-right wheel, close to the drains.

A white shirt, with blood and dirt on it, lying on snow covered ground in GTA Online.
They tried their best to hide this one. Screenshot via Upcomer

How to beat the Yeti and unlock Yeti outfit in GTA Online

To unlock the Yeti outfit for yourself, you need to kill the Yeti. This great white creature will spawn once you have interacted with all five clues, and let me tell you: It packs a punch.

In fact, I died twice trying to defeat this beast. The first time, I truthfully didn’t take the interaction too seriously, pulled out a rifle, and fired a couple of bullets. Unfortunately, bullets don’t really slow the Yeti down, so it just charged at me, and beat me up for 20 seconds before finishing me off.

A GTA Online player, wearing a blue suit, getting attacked by a Yeti, a white hairy creature with long nails.
Here I am, getting bodied by the stupid Yeti. Screenshot via Upcomer

The second time, I used a shotgun but didn’t dodge one of its attacks. When it hits you, it just charges straight after you, not giving you time to get up and reset.

The third time, I first fired an RPG at it, then switched to the shotgun for the rest of the fight. Make sure to have your armor on, and make sure you’re dodging out of the way of its attacks.

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Once you have finally defeated it, and I mean finally as it can take a hell of a lot of punishment, the Yeti outfit will be added to your wardrobe, and you can equip it by returning to your apartment and selecting it. You also get $10,000 for every clue you find and $50,000 for defeating the Yeti, so there’s $100,000 you can add to your bank account too.

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