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When it comes to upcoming releases, none have the hype of Grand Theft Auto 6. In fact, GTA 6 might be the most hyped game ever, so when can we get our hands on it? Here’s everything we know about GTA 6’s release window, along with all the leaks and rumors we’ve seen so far.

It’s been 10 years since the release of GTA 5, but finally, we’ve seen our first taste of what life will be like in a new and updated Vice City. If you’re like me, you just cannot wait to jump into the world and see it for yourself, because a decade on, I’m still in love with Los Santos and regularly playing the game.

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GTA 6 release window and rumors

Grand Theft Auto 6’s first trailer confirmed that the game is set to release in 2025.

Of course, there have been rumors about the exact release date too. Back at the start of December, players discovered that Rockstar had secretly hidden the trailer release date on a shirt in GTA Online. On closer inspection, fans found what looked like another date, 040125, which led many to believe that April 1, 2025, could be the big day.

Elsewhere, a Reddit user who claimed to have worked as a cleaner at Rockstar Games says the game is penciled in for September 2025. For now, take both of these dates with a pinch of salt, as we’ll just have to wait until Rockstar gives us an actual date.

GTA 6 first trailer

The first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was released on Monday, December 4. Of course, it was supposed to drop a day later, but after a leak of the video was dropped on X, formerly known as Twitter, Rockstar decided to give us all access to the teaser early.

The trailer gives us a look at our two protagonists and Vice City. Soundtracked by Tom Petty, it definitely built hype for the upcoming title.

What platforms is GTA 6 releasing on?

So far, Grand Theft Auto 6 is confirmed to release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It is expected to also drop on PC at some point, but there is no information about a possible release on that platform.

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