How to get The Gooch outfit in GTA Online - Upcomer
The Gooch running past a green bush in GTA Online.
Image via Rockstar Games

How to get The Gooch outfit in GTA Online

The Gooch is causing havoc around the streets of Los Santos, and you can get your own Gooch outfit.

Christmastime has arrived in Los Santos, and if you want to give your GTA Online character a festive look, unlocking The Gooch outfit is the perfect way to do it.

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There’s snow on the ground across San Andreas, with snowmen popping up on streets, and a terrifying yeti stalking the Chiliad wilderness. The yeti isn’t the only creature causing havoc in GTA Online, however, with Rockstar’s bizarre take on The Grinch, known as The Gooch, running around the streets too.

How to make The Gooch spawn?

To make The Gooch spawn, you need to be in a lobby for at least 48 minutes, have snacks and money on you, and be in a lobby with at least two people in it.

Once you have met these requirements, keep an eye out for a puff of green smoke, as The Gooch will come running out of it looking to get into a fight with you. What does it want? Your money and your snacks of course!

How to unlock GTA Online’s The Gooch outfit

If you want to unlock The Gooch’s GTA Online outfit, you’ll need to kill it. Grab some weapons, and chase after the red dot on your minimap. The Gooch isn’t as tough to kill as the yeti, thankfully, so don’t panic if you’re trying to get him.

Once you’ve killed him, The Gooch outfit will be added to your wardrobe, so head back to your apartment and equip it.

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