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A GTA Online character wearing a blue suit eating a Peyote Plant
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GTA Online Peyote Plants locations

Fancy turning into a wild animal and causing mayhem across Los Santos? Then you need to find Peyote Plants in GTA Online.

Peyote Plants are a rare occurrence in San Andreas County, but to celebrate the new year, they are sprouting up across Los Santos and the surrounding area. Here are all the Peyote Plant locations in GTA Online.

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There’s always something to hunt for in Grand Theft Auto’s online multiplayer mode. After searching for snowmen and yeti during the holiday season, players can now keep an eye out for Peyote Plants, which have sprouted up across the city once again.

GTA Online Peyote Plant map

A map of GTA Online's San Andreas map, with Peyote Plant locations marked by green, blue, or pink dots.
Peyote Plants are spread across San Andreas County. Image via GTALens

Thanks to GTALens, we can see all 76 Peyote Plant locations on the GTA Online map. The plants marked in green will turn you into wild animals, while those in blue will turn you into a sea creature. Finally, the two marked in pink are extra special, as they will transform you into a Sasquatch.

All of the plants are fairly easy to find, and they are spread out across the map so you don’t need to be in one specific area to find them. Los Santos City is where they are closest together though, so it could be worth hanging around there.

What do Peyote Plants do in GTA Online?

If you have played GTA Online’s single-player, you’ll know that they are a hallucinogen, causing your character to hallucinate. In the online mode, your crazy dreams will see you become an animal, which you can control and use to cause mayhem across San Andreas.

Doing so will earn you RP, and you can run around attacking people at your will. The only way to exit the animal’s body is by pressing right on the D-pad to choose to leave, or by being killed.

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How do I find Peyote Plants in GTA Online?

Using the map above, you’ll be able to find the general location of each Peyote Plant. Thankfully, Rockstar makes it even easier to find them by causing your controller to vibrate whenever you are close to one. The rumbles will get stronger the closer you get, so just hold on tight and follow the clues.

How long are Peyote Plants in GTA Online for?

Rockstar hasn’t given any conclusive date on when they will leave, but based on previous Peyote Plant appearances, expect them to go after the next weekly update on Thursday, January 11.

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