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Every GTA Vice City mission on mobile and Netflix

Learn all about the missions in GTA Vice City, including every quest available in the mobile and Netflix version of the game.

GTA 6 may be heading back to Vice City, but if you fancy reliving the glory days of our first adventure in the city, here is every mission you can take on in GTA Vice City on mobile and Netflix.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is officially set to take place in Vice City, which is based on Miami. Of course, it’s not the first time that we’ve taken a trip there, as way back in 2002, we ran the streets as Tommy Vercetti.

In 2024, the game is now available to play on mobile and tablet, and if you have a Netflix subscription, you can actually download it for free. Here is every single mission in GTA Vice City on mobile and Netflix.

All GTA Vice City missions on mobile and Netflix

Initial Missions

In The Beginning…Tommy escapes from a drug deal that has been ambushed.
An Old FriendTommy calls Sonny Forelli.
The PartyTom visits Juan Cortez’s yacht for a party.
Back Alley BrawlTommy takes out Leo Teal, then visits an Ammu-Nation to buy weapons.
Jury FuryTommy intimidates two members of the jury in Giorgio Forrelli’s fraud case.
RiotTommy bankrupts a delivery company.
Treacherous SwineGonzales is killed for leaking information.
Mall ShootoutTommy takes stolen military technology from Pierre La Ponce.
Guardian AngelsTommy and Lance Vance protect Riciardo Diaz during a drug deal.
Four IronTommy takes out Avery Carrington’s business rival at the Leaf Links Country Club.
Demolition ManTommy blows up a building using an RC Chopper.
The ChaseTommy chases one of Diaz’s dealers to Prawn Island.
Phnom Penh ’86Tommy retrieves stolen money from the Prawn Island mansion.
Sir, Yes Sir!Tommy steals a tank.
Two Bit HitA disguised Tommy ambushes a funeral, sparking war between the Cubans and Haitians.
The Fastest BoatTommy steals a speedboat.
Supply & DemandTommy takes part in a drug deal.
Death RowTommy saves Lance Vance, who is attacked by Diaz’s men.
All Hands On Deck!Tommy helps Juan Cortez escape from French intelligence services.
Rub OutTommy and Lance kill Diaz in his mansion.
Bar BrawlTommy kicks DBP Security out of Ocean Beach
Cop LandTommy blows up a shop in the shopping mall while disguised as a police officer.

Print Works missions

Spilling the BeansTommy raids a ship, finding information on counterfeit plates from the leader of the Vice City Triads.
Hit the CourierTommy steals the counterfeit plates.

Storyline Finale missions

Cap The CollectorTommy kills the tax collectors who are harassing the Print Works.
Keep Your Friends Close…Tommy kills Lance Vance and Sonny Forelli

InterGlobal Studios

Recruitment DriveTommy recruits Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez for an adult movie.
Dildo DodoTommy advertises Candy and Mercedes’ film by dropping fliers from a plane.
Martha’s Mug ShotTommy collects incriminating pictures of Alex Shrub.
G-SpotlightTommy needs a big publicity stunt to advertize Candy and Mercedes’ movie.

Gang Missions

Love JuiceTommy buys drugs for Love Fist.
Psycho KillerTommy eliminates Love Fist’s crazed stalker.
Alloy Wheels of SteelTommy enters a bike race.
Messing with the ManTommy causes chaos on the streets.
Hog TiedTommy gets Mitch’s stolen Angel bike back.
Publicity TourTommy drives Love Fist’s limousine with a bomb planted inside.
Stunt Boat ChallengeTommy enters a boat race.
Cannon FodderTommy interrupts a drug deal between the Sharks and the Haitians.
Naval EngagementTommy steals a boat bringing drugs into Vice City
Juju ScrambleTommy collects packages in Little Haii.
Bombs Away!Tommy blows up the Cubans using RC planes.
Dirty Lickin’sTommy teams up with the Haitians in a street fight.
Trojan VoodooTommy blows up the Haitian drug factory.

Payphone Assassinations

Road KillAssassinate Carl Pearson.
Waste the WifeAssassinate Mrs. Dawson.
AutocideAssassinate Mike Griffin, Dick Tanner, Franco Carter, Marcus Hammond, Nick Kong, and Charlie Dilson.
Check Out at the Check InAssassinate a business man at the airport.
Loose EndsSabotage a deal between the Sharks and the FBI.

Asset Missions

Malibu Club

No Escape?Tommy breaks Cam Jones out of jail.
The ShootistTommy has a shooting competition with Phil Cassidy.
The DriverTommy has a street race with Hillary King.
The JobTommy, Hillary, Phil, and Ken rob El Blanco Corrupto Grande Bank.

Phil’s Place

Gun RunnerTommy collects weapons for Phil and kills Pedro Garcia.
Boomshine SaigonTommy saves Phil following an explosion accident.

Kaufman Cabs

V.I.P.Tommy picks up a V.I.P. from the airport.
Friendly RivalryTommy destroys three VC Cabs vehicles.
CabmageddonTommy kills the owner of VC Cabs.

Viceport Boatyard

Checkpoint CharlieTommy recovers drugs that have been dropped in the ocean.

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

DistributionTommy uses the ice cream fan to sell drugs around Vice City.

How many missions are there in GTA Vice City?

There are 59 missions in GTA Vice City on mobile and Netflix. This is 41 less than San Andreas, but still makes for an epic story for Grand Theft Auto fans to enjoy.

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