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Tommy Vercetti walking down a set of stairs in GTA Vice City
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All GTA Vice City cheats and cheat codes for Netflix mobile

From flying cars to free tanks, check out all the Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheat codes, and how to use to them.

Fancy getting free weapons, spawning tanks, or changing the weather? Then GTA Vice City mobile cheat codes are the perfect way for you to take control of your game. Here is every GTA Vice City cheat code on iOS and Android.

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With Netflix making GTA Vice City available for free to anyone who has an active Netflix subscription, younger fans are jumping into the game for the first time ahead of the series’ return to Vice City in GTA 6, while we older folks enjoy some nostalgia.

Back in the day, GTA cheats were huge, and I know plenty of people who, just like me, had their cheats written down on a piece of paper, stuffed inside the game box. Thankfully, times have moved on, but the cheats are still well worth knowing.

GTA Vice City cheat codes for iOS and Android

Full healthASPIRINE
Lower wanted levelLEAVEMEALONE
Basic weaponsTHUGSTOOLS
Heavy weaponsNUTTERTOOLS
Spawn a Rhino tankPANZER
Activate amphibious vehicle modeSEAWAYS
Destroy all vehiclesBIGBANG
Perfect vehicle handlingGRIPISEVERYTHING
Show media levelCHASESTAT
Sunny weatherALOVELYDAY
Activate vehicle jumpingKANGAROO
Active flying carsCOMEFLYWITHME

Each code just needs to be typed into the box that pops up, and should be down in full caps to ensure that they are accepted.

Once they’ve been entered, you can close the pause menu, and find that they have been activated. If it didn’t work, try entering it again, as you may have made a spelling error.

How to enter GTA Vice City cheat codes on iOS and Android

Entering cheat codes in GTA Vice City is simple:

  1. Pause GTA Vice City by pressing the map in the top-left corner.
  2. Select “Options” from the list on the left side of the pause menu.
  3. At the top, select “Accessibility.”
  4. Scroll down and select “Enter Cheat Code.”
  5. Type in the cheat you want to use.
GTA Vice City's pause screen, showing where the option to enter cheat codes can be found.
You’re looking for Accessibility options, for some reason. Screenshot via Upcomer

Best GTA Vice City cheats

For me, the best Vice City cheats are heavy weapons, lower wanted level, and full health and armor. These are always very useful and can make missions a lot easier.

The cheat I always used as a kid though was amphibious vehicle mode, as driving cars on water was literally the only thing I wanted to do. Still the best.

If you want to cause maximum mayhem though, spawn the Rhino Tank and just go nuts.

For more, check out all the cheat codes for GTA San Andreas on mobile. We also have a full list of cheats for GTA 3 on mobile, as well.