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Every mission in GTA San Andreas on mobile and Netflix

GTA San Andreas is available on mobile and Netflix, but how many missions are in the game? And what are they?

GTA San Andreas is one of the most iconic entries in the legendary title, but now that it’s available on mobile and Netflix, many are wondering which missions are included, and if any are missing. Here’s every GTA San Andreas mission on mobile and Netflix.

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Grand Theft Auto has always been a popular game, but San Andreas feels like it was the first time it truly entered into the pop-culture zeitgeist, at least for me. I remember everyone at school talking about it, and begging my parents to buy it for me—while trying not to divulge too much about it was really about.

Now, almost 20 years after its release, we can relive that nostalgia on our phones and tablets, and Netflix subscribers don’t even have to pay for the privilege.

All GTA San Andreas missions on Netflix and mobile

In the beginningCarl returns to Grove Street after five yearsN/A
Big SmokeCarl reunites with Big Smoke“Getting Started” Achievement / Trophy
Sweet & KendlCarl reunites with Sweet, discussing the five years spent apartJohnson House becomes Safehouse, + Respect
RyderRyder and Carl go out for a tour of the neighborhoodHair Salons, Tatoo Parlors, and Restaurants are unlocked. + Respect
Tagging Up TurfCarl gets rid of enemy gang tags in the neighborhood. $200. Spray Can spawns inside Johnson House. + Respect
Cleaning the HoodRyder and Carl take down crack dealers in the neighborhood. + Respect
Drive-ThruCarl and the gang fight off Ballas to keep them out of Grove Street$200. Gyms are unlocked. + Respect
Nines and AKsCarl does target practice at Emmet’s.Binco, ProLaps, Sub Urban, and Emmet’s are unlocked. + Respect
Drive-ByCarl and the crew do drive-by shootings on Ballas.$500. + Respect
Sweet’s GirlCarl saves Sweet and his girl from the Seville Boulevard Families.+ Respect
Cesar VialpandoCarl attends a lowrider meeting. Lowrider challenge, Loco Low Co., TransFender, Wager amount
Home InvasionCarl and Ryder rob a war veteran. + Respect
CatalystCarl and Ryder steal crates from a cargo train.+ Respect
Robbing Uncle SamCarl and Ryder raid a National Guard base.+ Respect
OG LocThe crew collects OG Loc from jail. + Respect
Running DogCarl and Big Smoke pick up his cousin.+ Respect
Wrong Side of the TracksChase down the escaping Vagos on the train.+ Respect
Just BusinessHelp Big Smoke fight the Russian Mafia.+ Respect
Life’s a BeachCarl steals a sound system from a beach party+ Respect
Madd Dogg’s RhymesCarl steals a rhyme book from Madd Dogg.+ Respect
Management IssuesCarl kidnaps and kills Madd Dogg’s manager.+ Respect
House PartyCarl fights off a Ballas attack at Grove Street.+ Respect
Burning DesireCarl burns down a Vagos member’s house.$1,000 in the house, Denise Robinson becomes Carl’s girlfriend.
Gray ImportsCarl crashes an arms deal and kills a dealer. N/A
DobermanCarl kills Little Weasel and takes back Glen ParkAmmu-nation and Gang Warfare unlocked. + Respect
Los SepulcrosCarl kills Ballas leader Kane.+ Respect
High Stakes, Low RiderCarl competes in a lowrider race.$1,000
Reuniting the FamiliesCarl and Sweet try to reunite the Grove Street Families. + Respect
The Green SabreCarl finds out about a devastating betrayal.Flint County, Whetstone, and San Fierro unlocked. Safehouses in Red County and Flint County unlocked. All Dress Up for San Fierro Achievement / Trophy.
BadlandsCarl kills an FBI witness for Frank TenpennyN/A
First DateCesar’s cousin Catalina gives Carl four targets for robberies.$5,000
Body HarvestCarl steals a Combine Harvester for The Truth.+ Respect
King in ExileCarl, Cesar, and Kendl meet in Angel Pine. N/A
First BaseCarl and Catalina rob a liquor store.$1,000
Gone CourtingCarl and Catalina rob a betting shop. $2,000
Made in HeavenCarl and Catalina rob a bank. $10,000
Wu Zi MuCarl competes in a race$5,000
Farewell, My Love…Carl competes in a race against Catalina’s new boyfriend Claude.N/A
Are You Going to San Fierro?Carl burns down The Truth’s farm. 5-star wanted level now unlocked. San Fierro Safehouse available for purchase. Zip, Doherty Garage save point. + Respect
Wear Flowers in Your HairCarl finds help for the garage. Zero RC available for purchase.
555 We TipCarl frames a district attorney for C.R.A.S.H.Valet missions and uniform unlocked.
DeconstructionKendl and Carl get revenge on some builders. N/A
Photo OpportunityCarl finds out about a meeting between Ryder and the Loco Syndicate.+ Respect
JizzyCarl helps Jizzy pimp.$3,000. + Respect
Air RaidZero and Carl defend transmitters from Berkley.$3,000.
Supply LinesCarl destroys Berkley’s planes.$5,000. Beefy Baron mini-game unlocked.
New Model ArmyCarl and Zero take part in an RC war.$7,000. Zero RC unlocked as an asset.
T-Bone MendezCarl retrieves stolen cash for Jizzy.$5,000. + Respect
Mike TorenoCarl recuses Mike Toreno.$5,000. + Respect
OutriderCarl transports drugs through roadblocks.$9,000. + Respect
Snail TrailC.R.A.S.H gets Carl to kill a journalist. N/A
Ice Cold KillaCarl kills Jizzy B in the Pleasure Domes. $12,000. + Respect
Back to SchoolCarl learn news driving skills.Wang Cars showroom unlocked. Super GT, Bullet, and Hotknife available to purchase.
Pier 69Carl and Cesar break up a deal between the Ballas and Loco Syndicate$15,000. + Respect
Toreno’s Last FlightCarl shoots down Mike Toreno’s helicopter. $18,000. + Respect
Mountain Cloud BoysCarl escorts Wu Zi Mu to a Triad meeting. $5,000. + Respect
Ran Fa LiCarl picks up a car from the airport. $6,000. + Respect
LureRan Fa Li needs Carl to be his decoy. $8,000. + Respect
Amphibious AssaultCarl bugs the Da Nang boat. $11,000. + Respect
The Da Nang ThangCarl and Little Lion infiltrate the Da Nang Boys’ freighter. $15,000. + Respect
Yay Ka-Boom-BoomCarl blows up the Loco Syndicate’s crack factory. $25,000. Triathlons unlocked. Tierra Robada, Bone County, and Las Venturas now available. + Respect
Zeroing InCarl steals a car with a tracking system.$5,000. Uranus now spawns at Wang Cars. Wheel Arch Angels now available. + Respect
Test DriveCarl steals and tests racing cars. $5,000. Elegy and Sultan spawn at Wang Cars. + Respect
Customs Fast TrackCarl steals a car from inside a container at the docks. Up to $10,000. Savanna spawns at Wang Cars. + Respect
Puncture WoundsCarl steals a car with the help of stingers. $5,000. Stratum spawns at Wang Cars. Wang Cars showroom now an asset. + Respect
MonsterCarl takes on a time trial in a Monster Truck.$1,000 – $5000 (time dependent.)
HighjackCarl steals a tanker with Cesar.$7,000
InterdictionCarl protects Toreno’s helicopter.$1,000
Verdant MeadowsCarl buys the Verdant Meadows airstrip.+ Respect
Learning to FlyCarl completes Pilot School.Rustler, Stuntplane, Hunter are now unlocked. Police Maverick spawns on roof of Los Santos Police Department. Las Venturas Safehouses now available. 6-star wanted level unlocked. Planes in airports now able to be flown. Access to all airport runways now unlocked. Flying skill incrased. Pilot’s License gained.
N.O.E.Toreno asks Carl to deliver some packages.$15,000
StowawayCarl plants a bomb on a plane for Toreno. $20,000
Black ProjectThe Truth asks Carl to raid Area 69 and bring back the “Black Project.”N/A
Green GooCarl steals Green Goo from a train. $20,000. Jetpack unlocked. Verdant Meadows is now an asset.
Fender KetchupCarl gives Johnny Sindacco a fright.$5,000. + Respect
Explosive SituationCarl steals dynamite from the Hunter Quarry.$7,000. + Respect
You’ve Had Your ChipsCarl destroys Sindacco’s fake casino chip-making machines.$10,000. + Respect
Don PeyoteCarl rescues Maccer and Kent Paul from the desert.+ Respect
Architectural EspionageCarl steals the blueprints for Caligula’s Casino.+ Respect
Key to her HeartCarl romances Millie Perkins to get a keycard to Caligula’s Casino.Millie becomes your girlfriend. Gimp suit unlocked. + Respect
Dam and BlastCarl places explosives at Sherman Dam.+ Respect
Cop WheelsCarl steals four HPW 1000 police bikes.+ Respect
Up, Up, and Away!Carl steals an armored truck from the K.A.C.C military depot.+ Respect
Intensive CareCarl rescues Johnny Sindacco.$5,000. + Respect
The Meat BusinessCarls escapes from the Sindacco Family inside a meat factory.$8,000. + Respect
Madd DoggCarl stops Madd Dogg’s suicide attempt. + Respect
Fish in a BarrelCarl becomes a co-owner of the Four Dragons Casino. N/A
MisappropriationC.R.A.S.H gets Carl to kill federal agents.N/A
FreefallCarl intercepts, boards, and lands a plane full of Forellis.$15,000. + Respect
High NoonCarl kills Eddie Pulaski. N/A
Saint Mark’s BistroCarl flies to Liberty City to kill Marco Forelli.$20,000. Didier Sachs unlocked. + Respect
Breaking the Bank at Caligula’sCarl robs Caligula’s Casino.$100,000. Croupier Uniform. + Respect
A Home in the HillsCarl takes Madd Dogg’s house back from Big PoppaMadd Dogg’s house becomes a Safehouse. + Respect
Vertical BirdCarl steams a Hydra and attacks spy boats.$5,000. Weapons available at Mike Toreno’s ranch. + Respect
HomecomingCarl reunited with Sweet, and they retake Ganton from the Ballas.+ Respect
Beat Down on B DupCarl and Sweet reclaim Glen Park.+ Respect
Cut Throat BusinessCarl chases down OG Loc and takes back Madd Dogg’s music. Vortex and karts spawn throughout San Andreas. + Respect
Grove 4 LifeCarl claims two areas of Idlewood from Ballas.$10,000. + Respect
RiotLos Santos is in chaos as Frank Tenpenny is cleared of all charges.,N/A
Los DesperadosCarl and the Varrios Loz Aztecas take area from the Vagos.+ Respect
End of the LineCarl is gunning for his enemies in one last mission.$250,000. End of the Line achievement/trophy. + Respect

How many missions does GTA San Andreas have on mobile and Netflix?

Just like the original release of the game, GTA San Andreas on mobile and Netflix has 100 total missions. Not all of them are required to finish the story, but if you want to earn 100% completion, you will have to do them all.

Are any missions missing from GTA San Andreas on mobile and Netflix?

No, no missions are missing from the Netflix or mobile versions of GTA San Andreas, so you can enjoy the game in its complete form.

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