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Claude carrying an Uzi on a bridge with a helicoper flying behind him.
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All GTA 3 missions on mobile and Netflix

Relive one of the most important Grand Theft Auto games of all time with our guide to every mission in GTA 3.

In many ways, GTA 3 was the forefather of modern Grand Theft Auto games and is hugely significant in the franchise’s history. If you would like to go back and relive some true nostalgia, here is every mission in GTA 3 on mobile and Netflix.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 was the first title in the series to drop the top-down POV and move to third-person gameplay, allowing us to become even more immersed in the world of Liberty City.

Now, Netflix subscribers can go back and live through our adventures in the city based on New York for free on mobile and tablet, and here are all the missions you can complete should you download the game.

Every GTA 3 mission on mobile and Netflix

Portland Missions

Give Me LibertyClaude breaks out of prison after being betrayed by his partner Catalina.Portland Safehouse
Luigi’s GirlsLuigi needs Claude to pick up Misty from the clinic.$1,000
Don’t Spank Ma Bitch UpClaude steals a car for Luigi, killing a drug dealer in the process.$4,000
Drive Misty For MeTake Misty to meet Joey Leone.$1,000
Pump-Action PimpClaude takes down pimps for Luigi.$4,000. Ammu-Nation unlocked.
The Fuzz BallClaude takes some girls to the police ball.$2,000 – $4,000.
Mike Lips Last LunchThe Forelli brothers owe Joey some money, and he wants revenge.$10,000
Farewell “Chunky” Lee ChongClaude kills Lee Chong for Joey.$10,000
Van HeistClaude steals a Securicar van for Joey.$20,000
Cipriani’s ChauffeurClaude acts as Toni’s personal driver around Liberty City.$3,000
Dead Skunk in the TrunkClaude needs to dispose of a Forelli brother’s body.$10,000
The GetawayJoey has a final job for Clause.$10,000 – $30,000
Taking Out The LaundryClaude destroys some vans for Toni. $20,000
The Pick-UpClaude fights off Triads while collecting money for Toni.$15,000
Salvatore’s Called A MeetingIt’s driving duty for Claude again as he takes Toni to a meeting.$15,000
ChaperoneMore driving.$10,000
Triads and TribulationsClaude takes down some Triads who are causing problems. $30,000
Blow FishToni tells Claude to finish the Triads for good. $30,000
Cutting The GrassClaude needs to find the rat in the Leone Crime Family$15,000
Bomb Da Base: Part 1Claude is tasked with destroy the ship making SPANK.N/A
Bomb Da Base: Part 2Claude and 8-Ball attack the SPANK ship.$150,000
Last RequestsSalvatore needs one more thing from Claude.$20,000. Access to Staunton Island & Safehouse

Staunton Island missions

Sayanora SalvatoreClaude makes a deal with the Yakuza.$25,000
Under SurveillanceAsuka gets Claude to deal with some pesky FBI agents.$15,000
Paparazzi PurgeClaude stops photographers from getting involved in Yakuza business.$10,000
Payday For RayClaude delivers money for Asuka.$11,000
Two-Faced TannerClaude kills Tanner.$20,000
Kanbu Bust-OutClaude helps Kanbu escape from jail.$30,000
Grand Theft AutoClaude steals sports cars for Kenji.$25,000
Deal StealClaude breaks up a meeting between the Colombian Cartel and The Yardies. $25,000
ShimaClaude needs to collect some money.$10,000
Smack DownYardie drug dealers are next on Claude’s hitlist. $10,000, with an additional $1,000 for every Yardie dealer killed.
Silence The SneakRay’s former partner is a snitch who needs to be silenced.$30,000
Arms ShortageThe Colombian Cartel are after Phil Cassidy. Defend him. $10,000. Phil’s Army Surplus unlocked.
Evidence DashClaude collects evidence for Ray.$10,000
Gone FishingRay wants his partner killed.$15,000
Plaster BlasterRay’s partner survived, but not for long.$10,000
LiberatorClaude saves an old man with Yakuza links.$40,000
Waka-Gashira Wipeout!Donald Love tasks Claude with igniting a gang war between the Yakuza and the Colombian Cartel.$30,000
A Drop In The OceanClaude collects some packages that have been dumped in the ocean.$10,000. Access to Shoreside Vale & Safehouse
Grand Theft AutoThose weren’t the real packages, try again!$50,000
Escort ServiceProtect a Securicar van.$40,000
Love’s DisappearanceClaude can’t find Donald Love.N/A
Marked ManClaude escorts Ray to the airport.$20,000
BaitClaude lures some death squads into traps.$35,000
Espresso-2-Go!Claude destroys the espresso stands that the Colombians use to sell drugs.$40,000
S.A.M.Claude blows up a DeadDodo full of drugs.N/A
RansomThings have gone badly wrong at the construction site, with a hostage scenario on-going. $45,000

Shoreside Vale mission

The ExchangeRescue Maria and kill Catalina.$1,000,000

Payphone Missions


TurismoClaude takes part in a street race.$10,000
I Scream, You ScreamClaude uses an ice cream van to blow up a group of gang members.$8,000
Trial By FireThe Triads have burned out on of El Burro’s cars. Get revenge.$10,000
Big’N’VeinyCollect stolen magazines.$20,000, plus $10,000 bonus for collecting them all.
The CrookClaude has a “chat” with someone.$1,000
The ThievesClaude punishes two thieves.$2,000
The WifeMarty is tired of his wife’s spending habits.$2,000
Her LoverMarty’s wife is having an affair. $4,000

Staunton Island

Bling-Bling ScrambleClaude takes part in a street race.$1,000 for each checkpoint reached ($15,000 total.)
Uzi RiderClaude kills 10 Diablo members in drive-by shootings.$10,000
Gangcar Round-UpSteal rival gangs’ cars for King Courtney.$10,000
Kingdom ComeKing Courtney betrays Claude.$10,000

Shoreside Vale

Uzi MoneyTake out Purple Nines members for D-Ice$10,000
ToyminatorDestroy three Securicar vans.$10,000
Rigged to BlowA car with a bomb in it needs defused.$20,000
Bullion RunClaude picks up platinum bullion pieces for D-Ice.$25,000
RumbleKill the remaining Purple Nines members.$10,000

How many missions are in GTA 3 on mobile and Netflix?

There are 67 missions in GTA 3, although the 17 Payphone Missions are not required to complete the campaign.

Are any GTA 3 missions missing on mobile and Netflix?

No, there are no missing missions on the mobile and Netflix versions of GTA 3, so you won’t miss out on any of the classic stories from the original game.

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