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After the first few quests of Atomic Heart, you will be given access to NORA, which is a promiscuous machine that allows you to upgrade your weapons and glove. You are also able to craft new weapons, ammunition, and unlock skills for use in combat or exploration. Of course, all of this upgrading and crafting isn’t free, as all of it requires some form of materials, which can be tricky to find in Atomic Heart.

Like most open world games, looting is a major part of the gameplay loop in Atomic Heart. In order to gain access to new weapons and mechanics, you will need resources. These resources are primarily found out in the world and can only be acquired if you find them yourself. If you’re struggling to find the materials you need in Atomic Heart, look no further.

Getting materials in Atomic Heart

The easiest and quickest way of finding materials in Atomic Heart is to simply open up any container that you see in the world. Even in the first few missions of the game, you will be able to enter rooms inside the underground station that hold dozens of small containers. These containers can be desks, filing cabinets, chests, and so on.

Atomic Heart materials
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All you need to do to loot these containers is hold the interact button. This will make the wires from your glove poke out and gather all of the materials around you en masse. Just go up to any container that has a small, dark circle on it and hold the interact button. All of the materials from inside the container will be sucked up and added to your inventory.

We suggest going around to every room in the first few hours of the game and doing this until there are no open containers left. This will give you a nice foundation to work on for later upgrades and crafting recipes in Atomic Heart.

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