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A giant spider monster from Once Human fighting with players.
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Once Human — a potential gem of a game — Launches to decidedly mixed reviews

Here's why Once Human is getting mixed reviews on launch day...

Once Human is an MMO survival game in which you and you friends can take on giant monsters and other players. However, a few issues have resulted in a mixed (57 percent positive) review score for Once Human on launch day.

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The main issue cited in Steam reviews is the potentially invasive privacy policy, requiring more personal data than what many players feel is required. This policy also allegedly makes mention of third-parties, but does not specify how these will handle your personal data.

However, there are some more functional issues with the game itself. The first is that the character creation was not working properly, but within an hour, Starry Studio (the developer) managed to find and fix the bug. It seems to have been related to server selection.

Another bug in the game so far is the fact that players cannot switch servers. However, this is already being looked at and given the speed in which the character creation bug was solved, we remain hopeful. Multiple character creation was opened soon after launch as well, based on player feedback.

It’s great to see a developer listening to players and adapting fast – it’s not all that common these days.

The game has clocked over 70,000 players on Steam on it’s first day alone. That does not include mobile players, which could potentially number into the hundreds of thousands considering the amount of pre-registrations that the game received.

It’s a pity that the early score is so mixed. Imagine DayZ, but with giant monsters. At least, that’s what I’m envisioning before I actually jump into the game.

More on Once Human soon.

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