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Wuthering Waves: All Yinlin Ascension and Upgrade Materials and where to get them

Yinlin is proving to be a very interesting option for players in Wuthering Waves, especially as a sub-DPS for Calcharo. If you want to get your hands on all her ascension and upgrade materials, then this guide will show you where to get them.

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It can take quite a while to farm up all these resources, so if you know you are going to be pulling on Yinlin’s Banner, then you should start farming them all up as soon as possible.

All Yinlin Ascension and Upgrade Materials and where to get them

Like all characters in the game, Yinlin will require a range of different Ascension materials to reach her full potential. The total volume of each one that you will need can be found below. As always, there is a required flower, some drops from enemies, and then a boss drop that will be needed.

  • Coriolus x 60
  • 4 LF Whisperin Core (a further 25 for all skills)
  • 12 MF Whisperin Core (a further 28 for all skills)
  • 12 HF Whisperin Core (a further 40 for all skills)
  • 4 FF Whisperin Core (a further 57 for all skills)
  • 46 Group Abomination Tacet Core
  • Lento/Adagio/Andante/Presto Helix for skill leveling

There may be some unknown resources required, which will not learn about until Yinlin is added to the game. We will ensure we update this guide should that be the case.

Coriolus Flower Locations

    You can find Coriolus in just one area of the map, around the Giant Banyan in the south of the Dim Forrest. Pockets of the plant are dotted all around the area, so make sure you run the full circuit around the water to grab them all. You can also find a handful in the Forbidden Forest section to the northwest. You may also purchase 15 of the plant from the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou. They will cost you 3000 Shell Credits each.

    LF/MF/HF/FF Whisperin Core Locations

    Whisperin Core can be obtained from a class of enemies called Whisperins. These can be found all over the map, and defeating them has a chance of dropping the core. The higher the enemy level, the rarer the drop might be, with LF being the most common and FF being the rarest.

    • Autopuppet Scout
    • Vanguard Junrock
    • Fission Junrock
    • Electro Predator
    • Glacio Predator
    • Aero Predator
    • Fusion Warrior
    • Havoc Warrior
    • Snip Snap
    • Zig Zag
    • Whiff Whaff
    • Tick Tack

    It is also possible to purchase Whisperin Cores from the Weapon Shop in Jinzhou, should you need them. I’d always recommend just farming them, as you can easily track enemies using your Guidebook if you are having trouble finding them.

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    It is possible to use Synthesis to upgrade one rarity to another if you visit the Synthesis console in Jinzhou. This can be done at the following rates

    • 3 LF to one MF
    • 3 MF to one HF
    • 3 HF to one FF

    How to get Group Abomination Tacet Core

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    To get Group Abomination Tacet Core, you will need to beat the Mech Abomination. This boss can be found at the Court of Savante Ruins in the southeast of the map. Just make your way to the ruins, walk inside, and you will see a large hole you can drop down through to get to the boss. You will need 60 Waveplate to cash in to collect your rewards, so you will be limited in how many times you can fight it per day. Keep in mind, you can still collect the Echoes that might form when you beat it, even without Waveplate.

    Where to get Lento/Adagio/Andante/Presto Helix

    Helix can be farmed at the Misty Forest Forgery Challenge, which is found in the east of the Forbidden Forest. This can be farmed for 40 Waveplate, and you can only collect your rewards if you have enough of that resource. You can also purchase Helix at the weapon shop in Jinzhou, and it can also be made via Synthesis, once again, at a rate of 3 to 1 to upgrade the rarity.

    The best thing to do is ensure that you have the correct amount of each resource to level Yinlin through each ascension point. Don’t make the mistake of farming one item too much when you won’t have enough of the others to get her past those points. This is especially important for anything that requires Waveplate to farm.

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