Where to find the Shotgun Shell recipe in Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart shotgun shell recipe
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Where to find the Shotgun Shell recipe in Atomic Heart

Ammo for your trusty shotgun

Throughout your first few hours in Atomic Heart, you will likely be scavenging for every single weapon and shred of ammo that you can get your hands on. The beginning of the game is supposed to be a slog in terms of weaponry, as you’re meant to rely on your melee combat as much as possible. However, as you progress, you will eventually find a shotgun, which doesn’t deal a ton of damage, but it’s better than nothing. Of course, as you use the shotgun, you’ll quickly run out of shell ammunition, and you’ll need to find more in the confusing world of Atomic Heart.

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If you don’t want to go scrounging for shotgun ammo in every nook and cranny on the map, you can always craft your own. However, the recipe to craft shotgun shells doesn’t become available for some time in Atomic Heart. Below, you can see exactly when you’re able to start crafting your own ammo.

Crafting the shotgun shell recipe in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart shotgun
Provided by Mundfish

The only way you’re able to craft shotgun shells is through the NORA Red Upgrade Station. This Upgrade Station allows you to craft ammo for your shotgun so you’re not forced to go looking for it in chests and safes. We gained access to the NORA Station during the mission “Wanted Dead or Alive: Viktor Petrov.”

Whenever you do get to use the Upgrade Station, you can find the recipe shotgun ammo on-screen. However, the recipe to make shotgun shells is also viewable below:

  • 3x Synthetic Material
  • 3x Metal Parts
  • 3x Biomaterials

These resources aren’t too difficult to come across during the early stages of Atomic Heart. You just want to make sure that you’re looting every object possible during the first few areas of the game. This will set you up nicely for later so you have enough resources to craft whatever you want.

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