Dragon's Dogma 2: How to complete The Caged Magistrate in DD2
How to complete the Caged Magistrate in DD2
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Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to complete The Caged Magistrate in DD2

The Magistrate isn't an easy fellow to please

The Caged Magistrate is one of the several main quests you need to undertake for Captain Brant in Vernworth. In this quest, you are tasked with freeing the Magistrate, named Waldhar, so he can be an advocate for your reinstatement as the Arisen in the capital. However, The Caged Magistrate is not as simple as it sounds in DD2.

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Aside from being quite a lengthy quest, there are several pitfalls you could fall into while completing the missions. To avoid those and have a smooth ride, check out the guide below to see how to complete The Caged Magistrate with ease in DD2.

Completing The Caged Magistrate in DD2

There are several different parts to this quest, and you’re looking at roughly an hour to two hours to fully complete it. Below, I’ll go over the main parts of the quest in detail so you can follow along as you finish the tasks yourself in DD2.

Finding the Magistrate in the Vernworth dungeons

Your first task is to locate and speak to the Magistrate in the Vernworth dungeons, also called the Gaol. The Gaol is located within the castle grounds in Vernworth, so this means you won’t be able to bring your Pawns with you on this leg of the quest.

At the quest location on your map, you can head down into the dungeons via some stairs in a tower after speaking with the guard. Once you’re on the ground floor, I highly recommend trying to avoid all of the guards at all costs. While I have heard of some users reporting the guards didn’t trouble them, I was immediately caught by the guards for being in the dungeon and thrown in a jail cell.

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If you are thrown into jail, you want to bribe the guard to let you out. This is done by hailing a passing guard and offering him a bribe of 20,000 gold. If you don’t have the gold, you have to bust out the back of the cell by smashing through the wall. Bribing is the best way to go, though, as it allows you to freely walk amongst the dungeons. I suggest reloading a previous save if you are caught and either getting 20,000 gold together or trying to be stealthier.

In any case, you can find the Magistrate sitting down in his cell on the right side of the dungeon. You have to use the key Brant gave you to open the cell door, which is done by interacting with the door. Inside the cell, speak to the Magistrate and tell him you’re the Arisen. After some back and forth, the Magistrate will proclaim he doesn’t want to leave his cell unless he’s taken to a place with plenty of books.

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Once the dialogue is over, exit the dungeons through the tower stairs and head over to the tavern where Brant is waiting for you (only at night). Speak with Brant at his spot in the tavern and he’ll tell you to visit the Gracious Hands, where a man might know of a place that the Magistrate would like.

Helping Kendrick at Gracious Hands

The Gracious Hand is located on the east side of Vernworth, as seen in the screenshot below. Here, you can find Kendrick dressed in a black robe standing in the center of the area. Speak to him and learn of a boy named Malcolm that has gone missing.

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In order to get Kendrick’s help with the Magistrate, you need to find Malcolm. This starts the side quest called “The Heel of History.”

Completing The Heel of History

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To start this quest, talk to all of the children at The Gracious Hand. There are a few of them located all across the area, so take your time and listen to what they have to say. After consulting with enough of the children, return to Kendrick, who knows exactly where Malcolm has run off.

Follow Kendrick and enter a collapsed tower that leads into an underground cavern. Navigate the cavern until you find Malcolm, who is being attacked by some enemies. Defeat the enemies and speak to Malcolm, who says he found plenty of books in the underground vault. Naturally, this is the location you’ve been looking for with the Magistrate.

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Talk to Kendrick to complete The Heel of History and then return to the surface.

Escaping with the Magistrate

Your final task in The Caged Magistrate is to go back to the Gaol and help the Magistrate escape his cell and the dungeons. To do this, go back to his cell, tell him of the underground archive in the vault at The Gracious Hand, and then lead him out of his cell. Take a right from his cell, being careful to avoid the guards, and then take another right.

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This leads you to a locked gate, which you can open using your key, and then keep going straight until you reach some stairs. Go down the stairs, making sure the Magistrate stays close to you, and eventually reach a cliff outside the dungeons. Here, the Magistrate will thank you for freeing him and tell you he’s going to head to the underground archive.

Once the Magistrate has left, return to Brant in the tavern, tell him of your success, and you will have successfully completed The Caged Magistrate quest in DD2.

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