Dragon's Dogma 2: How to find and search Allard’s Chambers in DD2
How to find and search Allard’s Chambers in DD2
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Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to find and search Allard’s Chambers in DD2

Allard is a private fellow

One of the several quests you need to take on for Captain Brant in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is called “An Unsettling Encounter.” This quest tasks you with searching Minister Allard’s chambers for a vital piece of information that might lead to uncovering more of the Queen Regent’s plans.

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Minister Allard is a massive supporter of the queen, and he was apparently summoned by someone in his chambers. Your job is to infiltrate Allard’s Chambers, find the piece of information relating to the queen, and escape without being seen in DD2.

Finding Allard’s Chambers in DD2

Allard’s chambers are located in the Vernworth Castle, so this means your Pawns won’t be able to accompany you. When you approach the castle grounds, you’ll be met by a guard who proclaims you as the Arisen. This guard takes you to the back entrance of the castle, where you can enter through a side door and start your trek to Allard’s chambers.

To easily reach the chambers, you have to go into the large room that precedes the throne room. In this area, there’s a spiral staircase on the southwest side, which leads to the upstairs corridors of the castle. You can see where the staircase is located in the screenshot below.

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For more reference, here’s what the stairs look like when you’re near them:

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Go up the stairs and head toward the yellow quest zone on your map. Soon, a cutscene will play as you get close to Allard’s chambers.

Looting Allard’s Chambers in DD2

When the cutscene plays, you’ll see Allard speaking with a man in his chambers. After the cutscene ends, you’ll be standing in the middle of the hallway. You need to ensure you get behind some cover before Allard comes out of his chambers. If you’re caught by Allard, he’ll send the entire castle guard force after you. I simply hid behind the wall directly behind me in the hallway.

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Once Allard and the man leave the hallway, you can proceed to his chambers and look for the piece of information about the queen. The information you seek is located behind a secret wall on the left side of the room, as seen below.

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Inside the room, you’ll find a Battahli-Crested Letter sitting on the desk. Loot the letter and then escape from Allard’s chambers using the window in the main room. Jump out of the window and, after being greeted by an unfamiliar figure, you can return to Brant and complete the An Unsettling Encounter quest in DD2.

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