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How to buy a business in GTA Online

Businesses really are the best way to make money in GTA V Online...

You can only do VIP missions for so long until you just have to know how to buy a business in GTA V Online. VIP missions are great for starting out, but buying the right business can really boost your income and allow you to afford all the cars and fighter jets you want.

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There are a few ways to buy businesses, so we’ll cover them all in this post. Without further adieu, here’s how to buy a business in GTA Online.

How to buy a business in GTA Online from your Phone

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The first thing to do, as shown above, is to access the internet on your phone (in-game). Bring up your phone by hitting up on the D-pad on console, or middle-mouse-button on PC, and navigate to and click on the blue internet browser button.

On the next screen, click on the Money and Services tab on the navigation bar, and you’ll be met with the following menu:

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Depending on which business you want want to buy, you’ll either click on the Maze Bank foreclosures icon, or the Dynasty 8 Executive Realty icon. On the Maze Bank foreclosures site, you’ll be able to buy these businesses.

  • Biker Clubhouse (Required for production of certain illegal substances)
  • Bunker (Allows for weapon production)
  • Nightclub (Turns production from other businesses into free money)
  • Arcade (Can earn a passive income and unlocks the Diamond Casino heist)
  • Auto Shop
  • Salvage Yard

From the Dynasty 8 Executive Realty, you’ll be able to buy:

  • Office (unlocks vehicle and special cargo businesses)
  • Agency (unlocks Franklin’s missions and adds passive income)

Once you’ve entered either site, you’ll see a map with a number of icons. Click on any of these icons to open the buy menu, or filter by type using the red filter icons on the top right corner of the browser window.

A map of businesses to buy in GTA V Online with arrows showing how to purchase.
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In my opinion, the bunker is a solid choice for your first business in GTA Online, since it makes pretty decent money. The office is also a good starting point if you have extra cash for a vehicle storage warehouse and a special cargo warehouse, as these can be decent money makers too.

How to buy a business in GTA Online from your Office

If you do buy an office, simply head over there and take a seat at the laptop (you’ll see an icon on your mini-map showing you where it is). Access the Securoserv network and click on either Special Cargo or Vehicle Cargo. You’ll be taken to a map where you can, again, click on the icons to open up the buy menu.

Options that are available when buying a business from the office in GTA online.
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Buying a Special Cargo warehouse will unlock missions where you can steal cargo and deliver it for profit later. Buying a Vehicle Cargo warehouse will unlock missions where you can steal cars and sell them later for profit. I don’t even own the Special Cargo warehouse, since I went straight for the Bunker, and it makes me better money.

How to buy a business in GTA Online from your Clubhouse

The Clubhouse lets you set up several production facilities that you’ll need to keep stocked up. The produce can then be sold off in delivery missions once you have some stock. Of course, you’ll first need to buy a Clubhouse, and then head over there and access the laptop. Navigate to the Buy Businesses tab, and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of production businesses to buy.

A list of businesses available to buy from the Clubhouse in GTA Online
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Click on any of these businesses that catch your interest, and you’ll be able to purchase them and start production. You’ll need to do a set up mission first, however. There are also various upgrades you buy for these businesses that increase security and speed up production.

How to buy the Acid Lab Business in GTA Online

There’s one final business to mention though, but it’s a little more complicated. And that’s the Acid lab that you can buy for GTA$750,000. To do this, you’ll need to complete all of the Freakshop missions, and then speak to Mutt to get it up and running.

And that’s all there is to know about how to buy a businesses in GTA Online. Be prepared for a grind to save up the money though, or just buy a shark card – either way, making money with businesses in GTA Online is way easier than without them, so it’s definitely worth it.

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