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When you think of GTA Online your initial vision is probably of gang bangers, robberies, car chases, and other suspicious behavior. But you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with the GTA Online wildlife photography challenge. To complete this, you will need to take a picture of 20 different animals found throughout Los Santos.

If you’re looking for all the locations of the wildlife in GTA Online, here is your guide.

Complete the Paparazzi Strangers and Freaks mission

In order to start taking photos of wildlife, you first need to complete a side mission called Paparazzi Strangers and Freaks. Head to West Vinewood and complete that task to get a message from Beverly, which tells you about a photography competition.

If you accept, you’ll get an email from Los Santos Tourist Info that has 20 animals you’ll need to get a photo of. If you do, you’ll get the Kraken Submarine. Simply take photos of each animal and send them to Los Santos Tourist Info to win.

All animal locations in GTA Online

Rottweiler GTA Online

If you want to take on the wildlife challenge, you’ll need to race all over Los Santos to find them. And as you may have guessed, a lot of these animals aren’t all too wild. We’re in a big city after all. Here’s all of the animal locations in GTA Online:

  • Boar: Grand Senora Desert, near the Redwood Lights Track
  • Border Collie: Vespucci Canals/Prosperity St, near the street corner
  • Cat: West Vinewood, curled up on a driveway
  • Chicken-Hawk: Grand Senora Desert, flying out of Vinewood Hills direction
  • Cormorant: Grand Senora Desert, similar area as the Chicken-Hawk
  • Cow: Grand Senora Desert, near the Redwood Lights Track
  • Coyote: Grand Senora Desert, near Trevor’s airstrip if you are stealthy enough
  • Crow: Grand Senora Desert: North of Trevor’s airstrip
  • Deer: Mount Chiliad/Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness: At the base of Mount Chiliad in a forest area
  • Hen: Paleto Bay, a hen hutch in the garden
  • Husky: Richman, in the back garden of the house. It will sometimes be a Retriever instead, which you also need
  • Mountain Lion: Tongva Hills/Banham Canyon, get to the top with a vehicle and try not to get attacked
  • Pig: Great Chaparral, pig farm sty
  • Poodle: Morningwood/Richman, in the street. It can sometimes be a Pug or a West Highlight Terrier, which you also need, so keep coming back
  • Pug: Morningwood/Richman, in the street
  • Rabbit: Vinewood Hills, the hills north of Franklin’s Vinewood Hills safehouse
  • Retreiver: Morningwood, sitting in the street
  • Rottweiler: Vinewood Hills, in Franklin’s safehouse
  • Seagull: Del Perro Beach, flying around Del Perro Pier
  • West Highland Terrier: Morningwood/Richman, in the street loop

These are all the animals you need to complete this mission and get the Kraken Submarine.