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The launch of Atomic Heart is quickly approaching, and the fans that know about it are quite excited. With the release of the game coming just after the behemoth that Hogwarts Legacy has become, the upcoming open world FPS has gone slightly under the radar. However, with its Bioshock-inspired gameplay, unique plot and setting, and whacky robotic enemies, Atomic Heart could be a surprise hit in 2023.

As the game draws nearer, fans are wondering about some of the features they can expect to see in it. One question that many fans, especially those on PC, have asked is whether or not Ray Tracing will be a feature at the launch of Atomic Heart. Ray Tracing is a graphical enhancement that aims to make a game more lifelike, mainly in shadows and lighting, at the expense of performance. It has become a popular graphical feature in many PC titles, but some Atomic Heart fans will have to wait to see it.

Ray Tracing in Atomic Heart

Unfortunately, according to the game’s developers at Mundfish, Ray Tracing is a not feature coming to Atomic Heart at launch on Feb. 21. However, this only applies to consoles. When speaking with Wccftech, Atomic Heart director and Mundfish founder Robert Bagratuni confirmed that Ray Tracing will not be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

As for PC, Ray Tracing will be a full-fledged feature that fans can take advantage of if they have a capable enough PC. You can see the recommended requirements for Atomic Heart on PC in our previous guide. Ray Tracing has been a well-documented feature for Atomic Heart, as Nvidia has released several trailers showing it off in-game.

Naturally, if PC fans want to enable Ray Tracing at any resolution, they will have to expect some performance decreases. However, the shadows and lighting of the game will be drastically improved, giving players real-time views of both effects.

Atomic Heart launches on Feb. 21 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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