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Atomic Heart has gone from a basically unknown IP to one of the more anticipated games of 2023. While some of the video game community still has no idea that this game is releasing on Feb. 21, others are truly excited about it. The game, which is an open world FPS, has been described as similar to the Bioshock series. There’s an alternate reality, strange enemies, makeshift weapons, and player abilities to defy logic. If that wasn’t enough, the setting of Atomic Heart is especially interesting, as it drops players into a skewed timeline.

This timeline is set in 1955 in the USSR (Soviet Union). However, this version of 1955 is one where Soviet scientists at a special location, called Facility 3826, were experimenting with robotics. Essentially, these scientists were trying to have robots take the place of humans in certain areas so humans could be freed up to work on more important tasks. However, as these things usually go, the robots became too sentient and took over Facility 3826, leading to the player having to put a stop to the uprising.

Atomic Heart setting

All of the player’s time in Atomic Heart will take place in and around Facility 3826. This large facility has four different complexes, all of which are different from one another. Facility 3826 is located in the Kazakh Mountains, and it is spread around this mountain range like a “fungal network.” There are locations both above and underground in the mountains, so players will have a ton of exploring to do in Atomic Heart.

Luckily, there are some easy transportation methods that allow players to traverse the mountains and Facility 3826 with ease. Most notably, there’s an Aero Train that is located underground and can take players around the different complexes and through all of the tunnels beneath the surface.

The location of Facility 3826 sounds like a true marvel, full of dangerous and beautiful scenery. Players can explore the full map when Atomic Heart arrives on every major console and PC on Feb. 21.