How long does it take to beat Atomic Heart?
How long to beat Atomic Heart
Provided by Mundfish

How long does it take to beat Atomic Heart?

A new FPS on the market

Atomic Heart is a game that has gone somewhat under the radar, but it’s set for release on Feb. 21, 2023. Perhaps the hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy has overshadowed this title, but Atomic Heart could be a surprise hit early on in the year. From what we’ve seen in different trailers, the first-person shooter developed by Mundfish looks to be an intriguing and action-packed game. Some have described it as being akin to a Bioshock title since it’s an FPS and features an alternate reality where various abilities and warped enemies take center stage.

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Atomic Heart takes place in 1955 in the Soviet Union. However, in this version of events, the Soviets developed killer robots that have now taken over the world. Players can traverse through an open world to defeat the robot uprising and restore humanity. They have makeshift weapons and different abilities to aid them on this journey.

With such an extensive and interesting story, gamers are already wondering just how long it takes to  beat Atomic Heart. Luckily, developers have answered this question.

How long to beat Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart
Provided by Mundfish

According to Mundfish, Atomic Heart will take roughly 25 hours to beat. The developers originally stated that 20 hours would be the correct timeframe, but they have since corrected that and tacked on an extra five hours.

This number is what players can expect to sink into Atomic Heart if they’re just trying to beat the main story and finish a few side quests. Completionists — those who want to take on every piece of content available — should expect to spend anywhere from 40-50 hours in Atomic Heart.

To back up the 25 hours claim, the developers stated that “Facility 3826 includes five giant complexes with more than 25 hours of gameplay to beat.” Facility 3826 is the map that players will be exploring. The facility itself has five complexes, all of which can be explored and contain certain story missions and open world content.

We’ll see if the developers’ 25 hours claim holds up when Atomic Heart releases on Feb. 21.

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