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Co-op multiplayer is one of the best ways to play Sons of the Forest. Not only do you get to survive a hectic and dangerous world with some friends, but you can build giant bases and other structures much faster than you could alone. While co-op multiplayer does have a player limit, you and seven other friends can still have a blast exploring the treacherous island in Sons of the Forest. However, just like a normal day, sometimes you simply want to get to the next day. This can be quite frustrating in Sons of the Forest co-op, though, as all players need to be doing the same thing for you to skip time and, more important, skip the night.

If you and your party are struggling with skipping the night in Sons of the Forest, keep reading the guide below for exactly how to do it.

Skip time in Sons of the Forest co-op

Just like other survival games, every single player in your lobby needs to be asleep for all of the players to skip time in Sons of the Forest. This means that each player needs their own tent/bed and to physically sleep before the lobby can turn from night to day or day to night. So even if one person is not in their bed, all of the other sleeping players will simply stay asleep and time will progress as it normally would.

Making a bed for every player in your lobby isn’t difficult, thankfully, as all you need are some sticks and duct tape. Once every player has a bed, you can communicate when everyone should be asleep. If everyone follows this guidance, then you will be able to skip time in Sons of the Forest co-op.

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