How to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest
Heal Kelvin Sons of the Forest
Provided by Endnight Games

How to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Healing Kelvin is also an option, not just letting him die

Kelvin is your primary companion in Sons of the Forest, and whether you like him or not, he can be a big help when it comes to certain situations. For example, he’s great at getting your base up and running, gathering materials, and being a lookout for any oncoming enemies. However, Kelvin is absolutely worthless when it comes to combat. While the majority of the enemies will be fixated on you, Kelvin simply stands idly by and occasionally gets attacked by a rogue mutant. While this doesn’t happen often, Kelvin can go into a downed position, and players will need to know how to heal him so he doesn’t die in Sons of the Forest.

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To see exactly how to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, keep reading the guide below.

Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

How to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest
Provided by Endnight Games

The only time you are able to heal Kelvin is after he’s taken enough damage to be in his downed position. When this happens, you will get a prompt on-screen and see that Kelvin now has a medical cross icon over his body. This means that you are able to either rescue him or kill him, depending on your next actions.

If you want to heal him, you can simply walk over to his body, hold the “E” button, and he will spring back up to life. Make sure you hold down the “E” button for long enough, otherwise Kelvin will just remain on the ground.

You want to make sure that get to Kelvin before he takes any additional damage while on the ground. If he does, then he could be killed and you would lose him forever. The only way to revive Kelvin after he’s been killed is by reloading a previous save file, which might not be optimal due to Sons of the Forest’s tricky autosave function.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about healing Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest help, you can read our previous guide on how to get the Maintenance Key Card or how the autosave function works.

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