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Upgrading your gear in Diablo 4 often comes at a great cost. Whether you need Baleful Fragments to upgrade your legendary weapons or Coiling Ward to upgrade any legendary armor, you will likely only be able to pick one or two items to upgrade due to the rarity of those materials.

However, if you’re in the market to upgrade any piece of legendary jewelry, you will need an entirely new material that you have likely never heard of before. That material is an Abstruse Sigil, and there is only one way to acquire it in Diablo 4.

When it comes to legendary items in Diablo 4, they are often treated differently. For example, you need different materials to upgrade them fully, and even different materials, a Fiend Rose, to replace an affix on them. This is simply because of how rare and powerful they are, so the developers want to ensure that you’re not making them too strong too fast.

If you’ve been looking for Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4 but haven’t come across any, I will fully explain how to acquire the rare crafting material in the guide below.

Getting Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

If you know how to get Baleful Fragments and Coiling Ward in Diablo 4, then you, unfortunately, also know how to get an Abstruse Sigil. This rare material only comes from salvaging legendary pieces of jewelry, which are amulets and rings.

As you likely know, legendary jewelry is extremely difficult to come by, and you often won’t have the luxury to salvage an amulet or ring whenever you want. However, if you want your endgame amulet or ring to be fully upgraded, you will have to wait to find another piece of legendary jewelry so you can salvage it at a Blacksmith’s shop.

If you do happen to find an extra legendary amulet or ring, do not go to The Occulist to extract its Aspect. This will destroy the item, making it impossible for you to salvage it. To increase your chances of finding legendary jewelry, you will want to play on World Tier 2 for the main campaign of Diablo 4. Then, once you’re in the endgame, go to World Tier 3 after defeating the Capstone Dungeon. This will boost your drop rates and make legendary items more likely to spawn.

Once you have one or Abstruse Sigils, you can head to the Jeweler’s shop and upgrade your legendary amulet or ring to its max level.

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