How to fix FPS and stuttering in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on PC
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PC FPS stuttering
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How to fix FPS and stuttering in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on PC

Solve all of your PC performance issues in the Three Kingdoms

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty finally released today and to say that it has had a rough launch on PC would be an understatement. Not only do the camera controls on mouse and keyboard feel unintuitive and unresponsive at times, but the performance on even high end machines is quite concerning. Players with all kinds of different specifications are experiencing rough FPS drops and stuttering in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as of launch day.

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At Upcomer, we tested Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on a 3080 Ti GPU and i7-12700k CPU with 32 GB of RAM and had major stuttering issues. This was even on the “Best Performance” graphics mode and with us prioritizing FPS over resolution. No matter what settings we changed in and out of the game seemed to make a difference. However, there is one change that players can make to their CPU that will likely solve all of their problems with both stuttering and FPS drops in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Fixing PC FPS drops and stuttering in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

This fix was seemingly first discovered by a Reddit user, who posted their findings to the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty subreddit. In this thread, the Redditor describes that players need to disable their E-Cores, or Efficiency Cores, in their PC’s BIOS. This problem seems to affect 12th and 13th Generation Intel CPUs more than other processors, but this fix can be done by any user who is using a CPU with E-Cores.

I fixed the frametime issue and you wont like it.
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In order to disable all of your E-Cores, you need to head into your BIOS. This can be done by shutting down your PC, restarting it, and then mashing your BIOS key. For us, this is “Delete,” but for others, it might be something different. Consult your motherboard’s manual for more guidance.

Once in the BIOS, you’re looking for the Advanced CPU settings. We can’t tell you exactly where this will be located, as every manufacturer’s BIOS is different. For us, it was in the Advanced tab and then under the “Overclocking” settings. From there, we were able to find the E-Cores for our CPU and disable all of them. Once again, consult your motherboard’s manual for additional clarity on how you can do this.

After we disabled all of the E-Cores for our 12700k processor, we saved and exited the BIOS. After we restarted and loaded Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty back up, the performance of the game was a night and day difference from how it was before. There was no longer any stuttering, our FPS was at a constant 120, and the graphics of the game simply looked better overall.

If you’re still struggling with performance issues even after this change, all you can do is lower your graphics settings, set your FPS to either 30 or 60, and wait for a PC optimization patch from the developers.

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