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If you’re looking for a strong Dark-type in Palworld, look no further than Astegon. This menacing Pal is one of the best party members you can have for the late-game and also has a dual Dragon-typing to make it even more dangerous.

However, Astegon is considered an extremely late-game Pal, featuring an Alpha version that’s level 48 in the western volcano region of the map. While it might seem like you have to wait until then to acquire Astegon, you can obtain it much earlier thanks to breeding.

Below, I’ll show you the exact breeding combinations to use to hatch your own Astegon in Palworld.

Breeding Astegon in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

While you technically don’t have to wait until level 48 to breed Astegon, you will still have to progress quite a ways in Palworld before you’re able to add the Pal to your party. This is due to the fact that every breeding combination for Astegon involves late-game Pals as well. If you’re fuzzy about how the Breeding Station and breeding process works in Palworld, check out my previous guide for a full rundown.

Several breeding combinations yield Astegon, and you can see all of them below:

  • Helzephyr + Orserk
  • Cryolinx + Helzephyr
  • Cryolink + Lyleen Noct
  • Pyrin Noct + Shadowbeak
  • Suzaku + Relaxaurus
  • Blazamut + Elizabee
  • Reptyro + Blazamut

The easiest combination out of this list is Helzephyr + Orserk. Both of these Pals can be caught/bred when you’re around level 23-25, making this the earliest point to acquire Astegon. Helzephyr is a relatively easy Pal to find once you’re around level 23, and I have a guide that goes over exactly where to find it on the map.

As for Orserk, you won’t be able to capture it until the late-game, but you can breed one in the mid-game. Orserk requires a Grizzbolt + Relaxaurus to breed, both of which can be bred. However, I recommend capturing Relaxaurus in the wild and breeding Grizzbolt.

Once you have the Pals you need, you can begin the breeding process. This might take some time, especially if you need to breed several other Pals to get Orserk. For this, you’ll need plenty of Cake, and you can read my other guide on how to make Cake much faster in Palworld.

Eventually, after you’ve acquired any of the breeding combinations above, you can hatch your own Astegon in Palworld much quicker than if you waited to capture its Alpha form.