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Orserk is one of the stronger Electric-type Pals you can capture in Palworld, also sporting a secondary Dragon typing for maximum versatility. However, Orserk isn’t a Pal you can just find randomly on the map.

Instead, this Electric-type is only captured in one of two ways: by traveling to the Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 or from a Huge Dragon Egg. Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 is an extremely far-away location in Palworld, so your best bet to get Orserk is going to be by hatching an egg. Luckily, there is a way to guarantee Orserk hatches from a Huge Dragon Egg, and that’s through breeding.

In the guide below, I’ll show you how to breed Orserk in Palworld so you can add one to your party immediately.

Breeding Orserk in Palworld

If you’re unclear about how the breeding process works in Palworld, you can read my previous guide going over how to use the Breeding Station. Basically, though, you need to ensure you have a Cake, a Breeding Station in your base, and a male and female version of two Pals.

Orserk’s Huge Dragon Egg. Screenshot via Upcomer

For Orserk specifically, you need to have the following Pals:

  • Male/female Grizzbolt
  • Male/female Relaxaurus

It doesn’t matter which one is male and which is female, so long as you have one of each gender. Once you do, you need to place both Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus in your base and assign them to the Breeding Station. You also need to ensure you have the Cake in the storage crate outside the station.

After all of that is set up, the two Pals should begin the breeding process. Once some time has passed, you’ll see a Huge Dragon Egg spawn in the middle of the breeding pen, which you can take and incubate in your Egg Incubator. You can make sure the egg is incubating at the perfect temperature by reading my previous guide.

When the egg is done incubating, go to hatch it, and out will pop a level one Orserk. This is by far the simplest way to get Orserk in Palworld, as going to the Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3 requires you to be at a much higher level. I bred my Orserk at level 28 and have been using it on my team ever since.