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One of the more exciting elements of Palworld is the egg incubation process. Whether you find an egg randomly in the world or breed two Pals, waiting to see what Pal hatches from an egg is a thrilling experience. However, waiting around for an egg to catch can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large or huge egg on your hands. Luckily, you can make it so your eggs are at the perfect temperature in Palworld, making them hatch as quickly as possible.

To see what you need to do to make this happen, check out the guide below.

Incubating eggs at the perfect temperature in Palworld

When you put an egg inside an Egg Incubator in Palworld, it will say one of a few things relating to the comfort level of your egg and its current incubation speed. What you want the Egg Incubator to say is: “Seems very comfortable. Incubation speed +100%.” If you don’t take specific steps to ensure the incubator says this, though, then you’ll likely see something about your egg being too cold or too hot.

Screenshot via Upcomer

To set your egg at the perfect temperature, you need to take into account what kind of egg you’re incubating. For example, if you’re incubating a Scorching Egg, then you need to make sure the temperature around the egg is hotter. On the other hand, a Frozen Egg needs to be colder. To achieve the right temperature, you need to manually build some objects around your Egg Incubator.

In your Technology menu, you can see items such as “Heater” (unlocked at level 17) and “Cooler” (unlocked at level 18). These items are the primary ways to manually keep your eggs at their desired temperatures. You can also build a simple Campfire for heat as well. Simply build either one near your Egg Incubator and it will heat/cool your egg.

I recommend building at least two incubators, one near a Heater and the other near a Cooler, so you can pick the right spot for each individual egg. It’s also worth noting that you only need to add one heating or cooling source; adding multiples of either doesn’t help with egg temperature.

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The biome of your base and time of day also need to be taken into account. If it’s daytime and you’re located in the volcano biome, then your egg will be extremely hot. However, if it’s nighttime and your base is located in the tundra biome, the egg is going to be frigid. Nighttime is always colder than the day, so incubating a Scorching Egg needs to ideally be done during the daytime. Alternatively, Frozen Eggs prefer the nighttime.

As for the other types of eggs, it’s currently unclear how they are affected by external factors while incubating. When incubating something like an Electric or Damp Egg, I suggest placing them inside a building with no external heating/cooling sources, as most of them seem to like moderate temperatures.