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A week before Forspoken was even out for the public to play, there were leaks and rumors regarding its overall length. Some leaks stated that you could beat the game in around eight hours, which is quite low considering Forspoken’s price tag of $70. Then, when the review embargo was lifted, reviewers somewhat backed up that leak, stating that players could easily breeze through the main story in around 10-12 hours.

While those statements could be true if players lower their difficulty settings and skip every cutscene in the main story, it has taken players much longer to beat Forspoken on average since it was released.

How long to beat Forspoken

Forspoken how long to beat
Provided by Square Enix

According to the website Howlongtobeat.com, players are not finishing Forspoken in the amount of time that many thought they would. While it’s true that some players have only taken around 12 hours to completely finish the main story, the average right now is several hours higher.

Howlongtobeat reports that the average playtime to beat Forspoken is 19-20 hours. This is just for the main story. However, Howlongtobeat hasn’t polled an outstanding number of players, so those numbers might not be 100% indicative of the general community. If you’re looking to do a completionist run, Howlongtobeat has the game lasting around 30 hours.

Based on our time with the game, we would estimate that you can beat Forspoken in anywhere from 15-22 hours depending on your playstyle. If you choose to skip all of the cutscenes, lower your difficulty settings, and don’t pay attention to anything but quest markers, then you can probably get to the credits within 10-12 hours. However, if you play the game as it was intended to be played, you’re looking at a few hours tacked onto that time.

It’s still not a long game by any means, but Forspoken also isn’t a quick one or two play session game either. If you’ve just started the game and want to know how many chapters there are so you can keep track of your progress, read our previous guide.

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