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Forspoken is an RPG at heart, and that means that players are able to upgrade the main character, Frey, using a wide assortment of skills.

With the game set in the magical world of Athia, players can make use of dozens of magic skills. There are four different skill trees in Forspoken, but players only start the game with one, the Purple Magic Skill Tree. As the game progresses, players will unlock more and more of the skill trees, giving them access to new spells and parkour abilities.

In order to acquire skills, players need to use Mana, which is the currency players earn when they level up. Mana can also be earned in chunks by running over Mana Pools, which are small, white and blue tornado-looking objects spread across Athia. Once you have enough Mana for a certain skill, you can choose to acquire it and Frey will now have access to whatever you chose to purchase.

The skill trees can be quite overwhelming at first, though, so we’ve made a list of the six best skills you should unlock first in Forspoken.

Five best skills to unlock in Forspoken

Forspoken skill tree
Provided by Square Enix

For this list, we will be mainly sticking to the first skill tree because you don’t gain access to the other three until you’re a few hours into the game. However, we will be throwing in some imperative skills from those other trees so you have an idea of what to unlock first when you do gain access to them.

Purple Magic

Provided by Square Enix
  • Tendril Frey spawns a giant vine that is whipped around an area, damaging all enemies inside that area. This also heals Frey for a percentage of the damage done.
  • Screen – A passive spell that encompasses Frey with magical boulders to shield her from all incoming attacks. If Cuff can’t protect you for a short time period, this spell can be a lifesaver against tough enemies or hordes.
  • Burst Shot and Scatter Shot Lv. 3 – These are going to be your main go-to spells and they are an upgraded version of the basic Burst Shot and Scatter Shot attacks that Frey starts out with. Burst Shot is a great AoE attack while Scatter Shot is meant for single enemies.

Red Magic

  • Rush – If you want to sprint around the map indefinitely, then this is the skill for you. It allows Frey to sprint faster as long as you press the right button at the right time. Your Stamina Meter is also recharged upon a successful button press, meaning you can sprint as long as you keep up your speed.

Blue Magic

  • Alb – This is the first skill we recommend you get in the Blue Magic Skill Tree. It gives Frey a protective armor that reduces all damage taken from an unblockable or piercing attack. This is a terrific spell to use at the start of a boss fight or when you know an unblockable attack is coming and you don’t see any cover.

Green Magic

  • Hide and Seek – The Green Magic Skill Tree is perhaps the best overall skill tree in Forspoken. It has a mixture of aggressive and support magic. Hide and Seek combines both of those types of magic, allowing Frey to fire projectiles at an enemy while transporting behind them. This is a great spell to use if your enemies are using shields or if you want to avoid all damage for a couple of seconds.

Those are our picks for the six best spells you should unlock first in Forspoken. Luckily, you’ll have enough Mana eventually to unlock every skill in the game, so don’t worry too much about picking the right ones at the start.

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