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An early quest that you go on in Diablo 4 is called Rite of Passage, and it comes directly after you’ve met Lorath at his hermit’s cabin in the snowy forest. Lorath will give you some context about everything that’s going on in Sanctuary, including why you passed out in the previous town and what Lilith is really up to. However, in order to gain more information, Lorath instructs you to accompany him to the neighboring city of Kyovashad, which is just a few minutes away.

Although, just before you can get into Kyovashad, you need to perform a cleansing ritual. This involves writing a sin on a piece of cedarwood and throwing it into the fire, which is supposed to cleanse you of that sin. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, players are faced with five different options when it comes to what they inscribe on the wood. So which option should you choose for the Rite of Passage quest in Diablo 4?

Completing Rite of Passage in Diablo 4

The five options you have for the inscription on the wood are as follows:

  • Inscribe “Fear” into the wood.
  • Inscribe “Anger” into the wood.
  • Inscribe “Pride” into the wood.
  • Inscribe “Greed” into the wood.
  • Inscribe nothing but scribbles into the wood.
Rite of Passage Diablo 4
Provided by Blizzard

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear like any choice you pick has any merit in what happens next. You can seemingly pick any of the five options and the quest will continue on as it’s supposed to. Once you’re done throwing the wood into the fire, go talk to the guard, and they will tell you that you have successfully completed the ritual. You are now welcome in Kyovashad, and can go meet Lorath for the next steps in the quest.

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