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Out of the four submachine guns in XDefiant, the MP5A2 might be the most recognizable to players. It has been featured in numerous video games throughout the past two decades and has garnered a general fan base online. Of course, none of this means anything in XDefiant unless the MP5A2 is a strong weapon. Luckily, I am happy to report that with the right loadout, the MP5A2 is possibly the strongest SMG in XDefiant.

The MP5A2 is a hyper-aggressive SMG that is meant for rushing players. It has an incredible mobility and fire rate that pairs nicely with decent accuracy and damage. Players won’t want to take on any long-range gunfights against an ACR 6.8 or M4A1, but they can absolutely handle anything at close or mid-range. That close-range prowess is amplified when players throw on the MP5A2’s strongest set of attachments, though.

To see my pick for the best MP5A2 loadout in XDefiant, you can check out the guide below.

Best MP5A2 loadout in XDefiant

As the MP5A2 does best when players are rushing around with it, you will want to mostly have mobility attachments equipped on its loadout. This will make you faster and allow you to bring your gun up quicker as well.

  • Barrel: Lightweight
  • Front Rail: Superlight
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw
  • Stock: Folded

All of these attachments are meant to make you faster on the map while using the MP5A2. You will have no trouble getting your gun up and hitting the first shots to deal with an enemy at any range. You will also be able to reload faster with the Quick Mag attachment, which is more important than you might think when rushing around.

If you want to compare the MP5A2 to the other SMGs in XDefiant, you can look at my previous loadout guides on the P90, MP7, and Vector .45 ACP.

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