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Out of the four submachine guns that are currently in XDefiant, the MP7 stands as arguably the best in its class. During the closed beta in April of 2023, there was no question as to the MP7 being the best SMG, as it simply outclassed the other three weapons. However, in the open beta, some buffs to other SMGs have made the debate more hotly contested.

As such, MP7 fans will need the best loadout for the SMG now more than ever in XDefiant.

The MP7 is fantastic at both close and mid-range, while it’s lacking a bit at long-range, like any SMG does. It has clear iron sights, negating the need for an optic attachment, and terrific mobility, fire rate, and accuracy. However, all of its stats can be improved upon with a few attachments that players can equip on the MP7’s loadout.

You can see the best loadout for the MP7 in XDefiant in the guide below.

Best MP7 loadout in XDefiant

This MP7 loadout is designed to make the SMG as accurate as possible while not diminishing any of its mobility. Players will find that their gun will kick slightly up still, but it’s nothing that can’t be managed.

  • Muzzle: Compensator
  • Front Rail: Pistol
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw
  • Stock: Lightweight

The loadout begins with the Compensator to reduce recoil and the Pistol Front Rail to give players a better sprint-to-fire time and bullet spreads. We then have the Quick Mag to reload faster and the Quick Draw Rear Grip to further boost aim down sight and sprint-to-fire times. Finally, the Lightweight Stock aims to increase the MP7’s overall movement speed so players can fly around the map, eliminating opponents before they even have a chance to think.

It’s possible this MP7 loadout changes by the time XDefiant officially launches, but this is the best build for now.

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