How to visit all house common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy all common rooms
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How to visit all house common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

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As many players have expected, the house common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy are some of the most incredible locations in the entire game. No matter what common room you’re in, you’ll be surrounded by incredible architecture, magical objects, bustling students, and interactable elements. With the common rooms being such a marvel to look at, players have wondered how they can see them all first-hand for themselves in Hogwarts Legacy.

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From the get-go, you are shown your house’s common room, but not any other house’s. You don’t even get a Floo Flame location for the other three common rooms, meaning you have to explore the castle and find them on your own. However, if you truly want to visit all four house common rooms, there is a roundabout way of doing so. Keep reading the guide below to find out more details.

Visiting all common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy hufflepuff common room
As a Gryffindor, the Hufflepuff common room is not able to be entered. | Provided by Warner Bros

Unfortunately for those who want to stay with their one character, you cannot enter all of the common rooms using a single save file. It’s not possible to get into the other three common rooms once you’ve been sorted into your house. If you attempt to visit one of the other common rooms, you’ll be greeted with a Field Guide Page, and nothing more. As you can see in the screenshot above, the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room is not accessible to us as a Gryffindor student. The barrels are there, but we can’t knock on them and utter the magical phrase to get inside.

The only way you’re going to see all of the common rooms is if you make four different characters. Luckily, Hogwarts Legacy allows for four different character slots for this exact reason. You can be sorted into the four houses and experience the common rooms as a student of that house on different save files. Perhaps future updates or content will provide ways for players to enter other common rooms, but, for now, they are off-limits.


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