How to use the Breeding Station in Palworld: Breeding explained
How to use the Breeding Station in Palworld: Breeding explained
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How to use the Breeding Station in Palworld: Breeding explained

Breed your own Pals with... cake?

The Breeding Station is one of the more complicated base upgrades you can interact with in Palworld. While its purpose is simple, which is to breed Pals, trying to use it can be extremely confusing.

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I spent a couple of hours figuring out exactly how to use the Breeding Station but eventually, I was able to successfully breed my own Pal. If you don’t want to sit around for hours tinkering with the station, you can check out my guide to see exactly how to use the Breeding Station in Palworld.

Using the Breeding Station in Palworld

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First and foremost, you need to unlock the Breeding Station from the Technology menu. Once that’s done and you have the necessary materials to build it, find a large space to place the station. I had to build a second base to fit my Breeding Station, and you can look at my best second base locations in a previous guide if you need to find a new spot as well.

After the Breeding Station is built and set up, you need to craft another item. In order for the Breeding Station to work, you need to make a Cake at a Cooking Pot. Cake requires the following ingredients:

  • x5 Flour (Gotten from a Mill in your base after you put Wheat into it and have a Watering Pal nearby)
  • x8 Red Berries (Found anywhere in the world or from a Berry Farm)
  • x7 Milk (You can buy this from a Wandering Merchant. One is located at the Small Settlement in Windswept Hills)
  • x8 Egg (Bought from the same Wandering Merchant)
  • x2 Honey (Sourced from Beegarde, Elizabee, Cinnamoth, and Warsect)
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Once you have all of these ingredients, go to a Cooking Pot and start making a Cake. Be warned, though, as Cake takes nearly four minutes to create, even with a Kindling Pal nearby. With the Cake created, you need to place the food item into the storage crate attached to the outside of the Breeding Station.

Finally, you need to have a male and female Pal active in your base. Find both of them, lift them up by going right near them (F on PC), and then throw each one into the Breeding Station’s gates. If done correctly, you will see a message pop up on the screen that says that Pal has successfully been assigned to the Breeding Station.

After both Pals are in the Breeding Station and the Cake is in the storage crate, nature will take its course. Once some time has passed, your Pals will create a new Pal. There are dozens of different breeding combinations that will make new kinds of Pals, so try experimenting with different Pals in the station.

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