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While your first base is crucial to helping you understand the basics of Palworld, it’s your second base where you can start to hone your skills and become a true Pal trainer. Palworld allows you to have two bases active simultaneously, but knowing where to set up base number two can be tricky.

After all, you have a massive map to explore, and picking a new location for a base is never an easy task, especially when you consider all of the new resources you need. Fortunately for you, I have scouted out some terrific spots for your second base that should serve you well during the mid-game of Palworld. Keep in mind, though, that these spots are more tailored toward players who have beaten the Rayne Syndicate Tower and are looking for a place to set up for the next phase of the game.

Below, you can see four locations I think make great base spots in Palworld for different reasons.

1. Marsh Island

Screenshot via Upcomer

Marsh Island is a particularly interesting location for a base, as it’s a gateway between the starting region of Palworld and the regions to the northeast. It’s still a low-level location, with some higher Pal levels roaming around and near all of the resources you need for the mid-game of Palworld.

The spot I chose in particular, which you can see below, is an open space near a plethora of trees, food, ore/stone, and tons of different Pals. You can find just about every Pal type around this location and thanks to the open space, the Pals you catch will have plenty of room to roam.

The exact spot for the base. Screenshot via Upcomer

2. Eastern Wild Island

Screenshot via Upcomer

If we move further east from Marsh Island, we find the Eastern Wild Island, which is home to higher-level Pals but with the same available resources. Eastern Wild Island is also right near the lava region to the northwest, which holds a ton of Fire types. This location also allows you to easily progress to several other Palworld Towers and bosses if you keep heading north.

I chose a pristine spot for the base on Eastern Wild Island, which overlooks a valley and sits comfortably in between smaller cliffs. Once again, it’s an open space that allows you to build anywhere and gives your Pals room to roam.

The exact spot for the base. Screenshot via Upcomer

3. Windswept Hills

Screenshot via Upcomer

Next, we have the location I actually used to set up my second base in Palworld. Located on the outskirts of Windswept Hills, this spot is southwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower in the autumn region. There are orange trees and yellow grass all around, which makes for a nice contrast compared to the rest of the surrounding areas. You’re also right near the Small Settlement, which has a Wandering Merchant and Pal Merchant so you can buy and sell items and Pals.

As for the exact base location, I chose a spot with nearly a dozen ore veins and two separate plateaus. If you place your Palbox in the right spot, you can access both of these plateaus for your base. The plateaus overlook the water and sit nicely under the shadow of a large cliff, making it difficult for raiders to get to you.

The exact spot for the base. Screenshot via Upcomer

4. Bamboo Groves

Screenshot via Upcomer

Our final location is east of Rayne Syndicate Tower and northeast of the previous base location in Windswept Hills. You’re starting to get into the regions with higher-level Pals here, so it’s a terrific spot if you’re already around level 20-25. As always, all of the necessary resources are nearby and there’s a solid variety of Pals around, with two world bosses in the direct vicinity.

My exact spot for the base is in the middle of a valley surrounded by trees and small cliffs. You have plenty of space to build and several options for a house and other larger base stations.

The exact spot for the base. Screenshot via Upcomer

And with that, you have some great options for a second base in Palworld. As you progress past the mid-game of Palworld, you can likely move your base from any of these locations, but for the mid-game itself, these base spots will get you to where you need to go.

In case you start a new playthrough of Palworld, you can also check out our previous guide on the best spots for your first base as well.