How to get water in Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest Water
Provided by Endnight Games

How to get water in Sons of the Forest

The most basic of all resources

In Sons of the Forest, even the most basic of resources is difficult to come by. Not only is the resource hard to find on its own, but the game doesn’t even offer you a whiff of a tip or tutorial when you first start off. This means you have to locate everything yourself, which can be confusing for some players who might not be familiar with survival games or how Sons of the Forest operates. Even water, the most basic resource in Sons of the Forest, can take players hours to eventually find on their own.

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Of course, water is needed to fill up your thirst meter, which is crucial to your staying alive in Sons of the Forest. While regular food is relatively easy to come by, given that you can get it by killing animals, water is another story. To find out exactly how to find and drink water in Sons of the Forest, you can keep reading the guide below.

Getting water in Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest Water
Provided by Endnight Games

Your first step will be to get on your GPS by pressing the M key. If you’re near the start of the game, then you will likely be right by a river, which you can clearly see on your GPS as it’s marked by a blue line. Head to that river, or any other one you can see on your GPS, and then face the water. You will also want to de-equip any weapons or items you may have in your hand, as you might not be able to drink water with some items equipped.

While facing the water empty-handed, you will see an option to drink it (the E key). Drinking water two times will completely replenish your thirst meter. It’s wise to make a note of where bodies of water are in Sons of the Forest, as you can always come back to them when your meter starts running low. Later in the game, you can filter your own water, but for the start, drinking from a river is the best way to go.

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