How to find a Shovel in Sons of the Forest
Shovel Sons of the Forest
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How to find a Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Digging is allowed in the sequel

Sons of the Forest is finally out for all players on PC after a lengthy development process and a couple of delays. The survival-horror game has already made waves in the first day of its release, surpassing over 200,000 users on Steam and 700,000 viewers on Twitch. A sequel to the critically acclaimed The Forest, Sons of the Forest essentially gives players no tips or tutorials on what to do or how to find certain tools/weapons once they’ve awoken on the mysterious island they find themselves on. Because of this, players will need some help finding the necessary items to aid them against the mutant enemies. One tool that has confused most Sons of the Forest players thus far is the shovel, which seemingly can’t be found anywhere.

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The shovel is a vital tool in Sons of the Forest due to the fact that players need it to be able to dig for certain objects. Players will mostly be using the shovel to dig their way to specific bunkers, which hold more items and secrets to find. However, as the shovel is so important, players won’t be able to locate it easily.

Finding a Shovel in Sons of the Forest

At the time of writing, we know of one Twitch streamer who managed to find a shovel. The streamer goes by the name of SmerfTV_, and they showcased that you are able to equip the shovel as a usable tool. Finding it is a whole other matter, though.

Sons of the Forest shovel
Twitch streamer SmerfTV_ holding the shovel. | Screengrab via SmerfTV_ and Reddit user WarFarel

In order to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest, SmerfTV_ had to descend to the bottom of three separate cave systems. The initial cave system can only be found once you use a zip wire and then dive down. As you need to dive, you will need some diving equipment before attempting this. You’ll mainly need a Rebreather, which can be found in the first cave you visit in Sons of the Forest.

Next, you will need a Rope Gun to get down the zip wire. The Rope Gun is found in a cave near the 3D Printer’s cave, so you should be able to get that rather easily.

The cave is found next to the large mountain range on the map, so it should be fairly easy to find. However, there are dozens of the armless enemies along the way and inside the caves, so you’ll need to be prepared before heading down into the caves. Your GPS will be leading you to all of the locations you need to visit, so keep following them.

Once you descend to the bottom of the three cave systems, the shovel will be waiting on the ground for you to pick up. After you equip the shovel, you’ll be able to locate dig spots, where you can dig to find various items, such as a keycard and bunker. These bunkers are a main progression in Sons of the Forest, so it’s vital that you find a shovel as quickly as possible.

We will be updating this guide with more in-depth information as we find out more exact details on finding the shovel.

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