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Sons of the Forest features a different inventory system than its predecessor, The Forest, which is causing some confusion amongst the player base. For starters, there isn’t a traditional Quickslots menu, meaning that you can’t press a button to bring up preset weapons and items to use quickly. As such, some players are curious how they can use a weapon or item from their inventory in the heat of battle.

Essentially, players want to know how they can equip an item quicker than physically going into their inventory, then their backpack, and then finally selecting the item they want. While you will still be navigating your backpack to equip items, there is a faster way to complete this process in Sons of the Forest. Read the guide below for the full explanation.

Equipping items in your inventory in Sons of the Forest

To begin, you want to open your main inventory with the “I” key. Next, you want to move your backpack into the middle of the inventory, which can be done by right-clicking the backpack and then dragging it. From here, you can manage your backpack to only have what you want in it. So if there are key items or weapons you want to access quickly, put them in your backpack. Other items can be moved back to your inventory.

Sons of the Forest inventory
Provided by Endnight Games

Once you have the items you want, exit your inventory. Now, you can hold the “I” key, which will make your character open the backpack first instead of the inventory. From there, select the item that you want to use, and then quickly exit the inventory screen again to get back to whatever you were doing.

While it’s not a full-on quickslots menu, it’s better than clunkily navigating your inventory in Sons of the Forest. For more Sons of the Forest help, you can read our previous guide on how to find a Shovel.

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